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  1. Hi again! I have received a letter from CSL today (a more 'official' looking one this time?! ��) which says its a 'notice of instruction' and goes on to give me my options and to contact within 10 days. As of yet they have had no acknowledgement from me at all, I've not answered any calls or returned any letters. I'm wondering if I should still carry on ignoring them or is there something else I can do? Thanks again for all your help so far guys
  2. Hi again, so I've just recieved a letter from Lloyds bank confirming they have transferred my debt to csl for them to arrange collection of the outstanding amount. Does that mean they have sold it to them? Thanks P
  3. Thanks, that was what I was thinking! as the credit still stands with Lloyds, and I do intend on paying, shall I get in touch with them and see if we can work out a resonsible repayment?
  4. Hello everyone, I got the statutory report, no mention of credit security limited anywhere on there. But I have recently received my first let from them, it reads as follows; Dear Mr H formerly of 38.... Etc... We are attempting to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter and we have been provided with your address. If you are the person above please contact our office... If however you are not the above named person please accept our apologies for this contact. If you are able to supply us with information on where our sub
  5. I heard that some these credit check places can sell your details to debt collectors? Is this true? I don't want to keep checking my credit with different companies if this it is. Thanks P
  6. The default date was 19/1/12 I haven't recieved a letter yet from csl as I don't think they have my address As for penalty charges I don't think there is any as the overdraft was for £2500 and I remember maxing it out. And the debt Stands at £2444. Thanks P
  7. as far as I can see from this credit file I have defaulted on £2444 with Lloyds. No mention of credit security LTD. Does this mean the bank hasn't sold the debt?
  8. Thanks I'll get that credit file sorted now. The bank is Lloyds P
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm sure they stopped charging me interest as I came out of work and it was clear I couldn't carry on paying. Not sure about penalties. Is putting my details into this noodle site safe? Thanks p
  10. Hello everyone! I'm new on here so thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out. I've recently started getting calls from credit security LTD. Although I haven't answered and spoke to them, and they haven't sent a letter (I don't think they have a up to date address) I know they are calling me in reference to an outstanding overdraft with my old bank account, around £2500 from about 4 years ago. I've not heard anything for a couple of years about this due to moving without a forwarding address. I'm not trying to get out of paying
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