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  1. HI, I have also had a few (27000)problems with HB I also set up a DMP to clear some old debts, these ammounted to around £3000. After paying their extortionate fees to set up the program,I thought everything would get sorted out. However, they decided that I owed the Department for Work and Pensions, £27018.11 how they came by this figure, I have no idea. I called and told them I didn't owe that amount, I called DWP and they confirmed this, and finally HB agreed. 8 months later, I find they have been paying off this debt anyway. I have never owed this sum, I have told them this and had it confirmed by DWP yet they have ignored this and continued paying over £800 to the DWP anyway. Today, after being on the phone all day, I finally got then to agree that this debt was not mine, and the agreed to repay the outstanding £800. However, (again) After calling the DWP to reclaim my money, I was told that the DWP has not recieved any money from them, yet I have statements saying the opposite from HB. I would like to know what I can do in this matter as they have also been taking £23 per month management fees to put me in this much debt, I would also like to know how much damage they have cause to my credit score with thier mistakes and if there is anything I can do to repair this damage. (preferably by suing the **** out of HB!) And suggestions are greatly appreciated
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