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  1. Phoned the court yesterday to be told that the claimant had submitted nothing & therefore a stay was in place. It seems very unfair that this can remain on the boiler when the claimant can submit no evidence whatsoever substantiating their allegations. I've got a bit of quiet time after Christmas so I'm contemplating a small counter claim for the time I've wasted. The only time & expense I can prove is a 35 minute phone call to the bank (my time plus the call costs) but it's something & I'd just like to be a pain in their a*se.
  2. Still in limbo unfortunately. Heard nothing from the court or Restons.
  3. Just had a closer look at the form Restons have sent me & it's a court form N9A (form of admission). Their obvious & utter desperation that I should bypass the court completely just confirms my suspicions that they have submitted nothing whatsoever to the court because they don't have anything to submit.
  4. I hope they realise that they'll have a fight on their hands & just walk away. It miffs me enormously that this could continue to take up more of my time. I'll most certainly be standing my ground. This is no different to a playground bully demanding dinner money.
  5. Statute barred & creditor unknown. I'm tipping they've sent nothing whatsoever to the court & I'll receive a notification from the court that the claim has been withdrawn. This smells like a last attempt to put the frighteners on me & try to secure payment for this for whatever it is & whomever it belongs to. I'm still certain it can't be mine.
  6. Well, I'd better throw in the towel & get my cheque book out I suppose. Sent in my defenCe, received confirmation from the court that it had been sent to the claimant & they awaited their response. I have today received a letter from Restons solicitors telling me that they have submitted their evidence to the court & that evidence is: 'we can confirm that Hitachi Nova is a company which provides finance for goods'. How on earth can I compete with that utterly conclusive proof? I'd better just fill in the form they've sent me & pay-up, after all, they so eloquently inform me that if I do not they will impose further charges WHEN they win the case so it's in my best interests. Yet again, words fail me.
  7. I must admit I am curious to see what they have on file (if anything), but if at all possible I'd like to avoid engaging with them. I'm chronically time-poor at the moment, if they persist much longer with this matter they'll cost me more in lost client time than the debt is worth.
  8. Thank you very much ScarletPimpernel & CitizenB. I've just been having a read through some of the other threads & see the answer to my previous question of 'Surely no company would stoop that low?' is pretty obvious. I'm genuinely shocked.
  9. Hi All, I've received paperwork for a county court claim dated 9 Oct 14. Claimant: Cabot Address for sending documents and payments: Restons Solicitors Particulars: The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant under a contract between the Defendant and Hitachi Nova dated on or about 31/04/06 and assigned to the claimant on 30/09/2009 in the sum of £417.86. I have absolutely no idea what this is for. Cabot sent a couple of standard threat letters in the past I refused to engage with them as I'm familiar with all the Cabot horror stories. On receiving this court paperwork I've looked even more closely at all of my records and have also had my bank on the phone for almost an hour going back over my finances & there is no record whatsoever of any dealings with 'Hitachi Nova'. Absolutely stumped here. I'm sure I'd remember if I'd taken out credit as it's not something I do very often plus I'd be able to pay off £400 if I did owe someone that. None of it adds up at all. Also, on top of the mystery creditor there's the question of dates. They haven't provided a date for the alleged default & as my records show absolutely no payments going to this company within the last 6 years (the time my bank keeps records for) isn't this statute barred? Are they just chancing it here & hoping I won't respond so they can send in the bailiffs? Surely no company would stoop that low? Thanks in advance, Suki
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