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  1. Hi, everyone, Happy New Year! Just back with an update: The refund was processed and has arrived back in my son's account. I would like to thank Silverfox for his advice and Lee for his help. I have to say I am not impressed that it took a public complaint and the intervention of the company rep to make Vodafone do the right thing, but it has been sorted out now.
  2. Finally spoke to the Refunds Team and they took my son's credit card details (why isn't this already on the system?). They say the money should be in his account by January 7th. He asked for an e-mail confirmation or a letter and was told they cannot do that. Why? I am grateful to Lee for trying to sort this out, but this is clearly a company that doesn't want to be held to any promises. I hope they keep their word over this refund, I will keep this thread updated......
  3. Hi Lee, Thank you for the phone call this morning, confirming that Vodafone have received the phone back. Unfortunately the Refunds Team have not called me and, as it is nearly 3 pm, on a Friday, it doesn't look like they will. I would therefore like to take you up on your offer to chase it further.
  4. Hi Joey, In view of the number of threads featuring Vodafone (every other one!) I would strongly urge caution before committing to anything with this company.
  5. Just to update: As we refused delivery of the phone the courier, DPD, will return it to Vodafone. We also sent a cancellation letter, signed for, to the head office address and have confirmation that it was received. Since we cancelled the purchase, Vodafone is now the customer and my son is the consignee. Does anyone know how long it will take for the refund to reach us?
  6. Thanks Lee, Would it be possible for you to call before 2 pm as I have to go out? If not, any time tomorrow would be fine.
  7. Right, sent the message and got the reply. The automated number is: 8810919
  8. Thanks for the link Silver, the form wants an awful lot of info though, should I put my details or my son's? All we really want is the correct e-mail address so we can prove that the purchase has been cancelled and then we can do a charge back.
  9. Hi, My son purchased a pay and go phone from Vodaphone on black friday (Nov 28th). He had to purchase credit and there was an offer of 2 months subscription to Now TV as part of the deal. The phone was going to be a Christmas gift for his son (my grandson). His wife was also buying things and got the Now TV deal on another purchase so they did not need both. Vodaphone sent a message to say they would activate the credit within a day or two. Obviously this was not much use if the phone was not going to be used until Dec 25th. He decided to cancel under the cooling-off period of distance selling regs and told Vodaphone via their chat option. They would not agree to this, even though it was only a couple of hours later. He phoned them and they still wouldn't budge, they insisted on sending the order out and then making him return it. In addition to this he had also been billed twice. He refused delivery and got the DPD driver to select "item refused as no longer required" on his electronic pad and it went back to the depot. He has confirmation that it was being returned to Vodaphone. Since then there has been no communication from them and no refund. The double payment was sorted out by the credit card company but they say they cannot do a chargeback unless my son can prove he has cancelled the order. We would feel happier if we could give them the cancellation in writing as they seem to be very reluctant to accept it, but cannot find an official e-mail address and the call centre would not give us one either - does anyone know who we need to send this to?
  10. I have received a response from Cabot regarding my CCA request. They say that Next have been unable to provide the information. They go on to say that, as a result "...Cabot has taken the decision to no longer pursue collection of this account." Where does that leave me with regard to this Court summons? Do I still have to submit a defence? I don't trust Restons to drop this of their own accord. Do I send a copy of this letter to the court? Can anyone advise what my next move should be? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi there, I acknowledged the summons and sent off the CPR and CCA requests. Restons have returned the CPR request with a snotty letter saying that, as it is unsigned, they will not provide any response. Should I have signed it? My name was printed at the bottom. Where do I go from here? I chose the option for extra time to submit my defence but I think I had better get it done and submitted. Any help would be gratefully received.
  12. Well, they have sent me my £56 which I asked for on Monday - so now to try for all the past refunds!
  13. The report was up to date. I am certain that no payment or acknowledgement has been made, if Next had asked me for any money I didn't owe I would have gone ballistic. This whole thing is strange, why would they have sold on a non-existent debt and then waited until it was statute barred to start proceedings to collect it? I haven't moved house. Could this be mistaken identity or their system getting indigestion? Either way I am going to have to put time and energy into sorting this out.
  14. Thanks for replying Brigadier, I have checked my Noddle credit file and there is nothing about this debt on there. I will acknowledge and get the CPR and CCA requests off on Monday - they are £1 each are they not? My credit file is in reasonable shape, the only things bringing the overall rating down are several payday loans (all paid on time) but, as I have posted elsewhere, Wonga have excommunicated me for not meeting their new lending criteria so I am out of that habit. Edit: I have just noticed that, although my Gas and Electricity payment history is on there,my rent and my phone + internet is not, I would have thought any ongoing service would be included?
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