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  1. Yes, I got no replies to the TEC part of this post so made it a single topic post...if thats makes sense?
  2. Hi, We feel we had a very unfair decision made by the TEC regarding covid restrictions and admin delays at the DVLA. I have emailed a complaint to them as advised if I was not happy but had no replay. Who can I complain about the TECs conduct to? Many Thanks Sam
  3. I had NO chance of Swindon Courts picking up the phone.... absolutely dead loss must have spent two hours trying.... cant turn up there either!
  4. We put in a declaration for late filing with the TEC which got refused. We got a bus lane LA ticket but we had moved address in Covid and breakdown in admin at DVLA due to covid held up the change of address application for months. We got ticket warnings etc all to our old address, the baliffs finally tracked us to new address which was how we first heard we even had a ticket. in my application I put all the press quotes and links to what was going on and stated the government were stepping in to question the DVLA why they collapsed in Covid. I also wrote to my local council with this info and they responded by cancelling the ticket without any payment and matter was closed. Few days later we got the TEC decision and they refused our reasoning. Even though I was off the hook I can not get the anger out of me that the TEC had gone against the rest of the world in punishing us for something that was straightforwardly covid related. I also see feedback that the TEC seem to have a mind of their own and rarely seek to be reasonable about their decisions. I would like to use this issue to hang them out to dry, how do I best go about this? Thanks, if I sound bitter thats because Im very bitter, the TEC made me sweat paying solicitors to witness their forms in time and money when I should have been looking after my children and working hoping the world was covid savvy. Sam Newham Response.PDF Newham Response.PDF
  5. I wrote to the council directly to press our case for them to agree the late filing and they have replied telling me they will accept full and final payment of £30 and the case is closed. So does this mean the TEC will not take anything further?
  6. We applied for a Response to Out of Time Application with the Traffic Enforcement Centre and posted it on the 12-08-21 first class . We also sent recorded letter to the enforcement agents Marston Recovery on the same date to tell them we had filed the application with the TEC and could they hold any further action. We however got clamped early in the morning of the 18-08-21 and when we rang Marston recovery they said they had received notice to hold action from the council so came and removed the clamp but we have been charged a further £240 pounds now for the clamp which Marston wont refund as they claim they received the notice to hold action on the day of the clamping . Do we have grounds to revert the fine back to £143.00 as it was before the clamp on the basis it shouldnt have taken 6 days from our application to put a hold on any further action. Thanks if anyone can help.
  7. Thanks All some info here for me to take away next time for sure, I thought companies can always say they didnt get emails via spam blockers etc so did everything letters so I could be sure but yes we were late but I was hoping technically as we had responded by their deadline this would cover me from further action. Anyway thanks for all your help !
  8. I sent recorded letter 12-08-21 recorded first class, their deadline was 23.59 13-08-21, they told me we had to agree something by phone only and that a letter would unlikely be opened in their office for some time. They have removed the clamp until the outcome of the Out of Time Statutory Declaration, this was signed 12-08-21 and sent first class recorded, we delayed sending it until the 12th as we could not get either courts in Swindon to witness the signature which is a requirement, we had to pay a solicitor to witness it. We still feel we were unfairly treated by having our car clamped ! So now we await outcome of our appeal.
  9. Drove in a bus lane some time ago and got a ticket but I had moved address and DVLA are were taking a long time to process paperwork due to corona virus, as reported in the press the guardian newspaper states they have 800,000 un-opened letters! the first we heard about the offence was from Marston recovery as any details previous went to our old address, the actual fine would have been £25-30 which we would have paid straight away if we had known. We now have fine of £68 + compliance stage fee £75.00 so £143.00. At the bottom of the letter it states. " you must pay the total amount you owe or phone us to discuss your circumstances by the date and time below, We may be able to offer a payment plan" I rang them and explained what had happened well within this date they sent forms via email to go to the traffic enforcement centre to contest the late response, these were filled out and sent to the TEC recorded, a letter was also sent recorded to Marston Recovery asking them to hold action until the outcome which would have arrived the day of their response deadline being 23.59 of that day they had given us. This morning the car has a clamp on it from Marston and I have to pay £340 now. Should they not have ceased action? or at least let me know they are clamping my car at extra cost? I guess I will have to pay this to get our car in use? Thanks Sam
  10. Thanks BankFodder you helped me with BT doing same kind of thing and I got compensation from them ! ..... will send a SAR this coming week but what shall I request in the SAR at the moment they dont have my name so not sure how to make a SAR without giving my name which I dont want them to start addressing things to me from now on !
  11. Hello. We bought our property and moved in on the 14th October. We had bills sent from Scottish power for usage 04/10 to 29/10 totalling £72.26. We used power as we moved in not knowing who the supplier was and set up with British Gas. I rang SP and explained and agreed to pay something around £45 a new bill was to be sent out. The new bill didnt come and we are still being asked for the full amount, which has now gone to pastdue credit solutions who send paperwork to "Mr Homeowner" for the £72.26 threatening SP registering a default. How does it work when you move into an address that already has power ? I know its not lots of money but I get annoyed when companies lever money from people like this. What shall I do next? Many Thanks Sam
  12. We have a PCN from private eye dated 16/04-/21 received today 27/05-21. However my wife did not update the owner info from our old s
  13. Some more info for this case from the owner of the property affected..... I already have a surveyor's report that clearly states the problems are due to rainwater overflowing from his defective gutters causing the clay sub-base to expand and contract, leading to movement in the foundations. This has in turn fractured the damp proof course and caused the vertical crack in my dining room wall. The report concludes that the remedy is: 1) replacement of next door's gutters 2) removal of plaster from my wall, injection of a new damp proof course and redecoration to be paid for by the owner of number 2. The council environmental health officer has sent me a summary of her visit that confirmed the council would not be taking on the case because they need a higher burden of proof. She has referred the issue to the council's Planning Enforcement Team and contacted the Empty Homes Officer for an update. I was advised to raise the problem with the council's Building Control Department. The only course of action seems to be a civil case. My surveyor recommended a solicitor.
  14. Yes my friend knows the address of the owner, I will check if he has any estimate of the damage, Thanks for your responses !
  15. Hi I am posting this on behalf of a friend. The property next door to him in un-occupied and various failures of the guttering and other issues has caused damp to develop and is now causing damage to his property, a large floor to ceiling crack in the wall adjoining being one of them. He has had an official survey at his expense confirming the neglect has caused damage. The council are slow to act and are saying they dont have clear evidence despite a survey being done. He has contacted the owner by phone who states he does not have the money to correct the issues but obviously they will worsen causing further damage to his and the adjoining property, the property also looks an eyesore in the nice close its located. Any advice how he should proceed with this would be well received. Thanks in advance.
  16. email sent..... I have started the process for a legal claim against BT it would take something solid and trustworthy to stop this now. Response........
  17. Yes I posted a list of events and mentioned earlier this is the only means I have to demonstrate my losses, I also pointed out I have no broadband downtime. I also responded I had checked my credit file and it was Excellent as a score but Experian offer no other information on any events. So the SAR I sent should answer the last question by the time its 30days is up?
  18. BT are sending a final confirmation bill via email and written letter confirming 0 is owed, and are offering £50 compensation. Based on what I have experienced I have no way of knowing if this will end as i have been told I owe nothing and records will be updated many times. Here is the email .... the "reasons" I gave her were the same list of events posted here earlier......
  19. Ok will sit tight and let you know as soon as I hear and set reminder for 30days to pursue. I have another letter from BT today asking if I have forgot to pay my bill. In Covid it seems BT have lots more time to pursue me. Thanks as always
  20. Thanks Bankfodder so next thing for me is to send new SAR today with wider request of info, I put up a template here to confirm it was correct but it was removed ! Let me know any other info you need.
  21. template removed please read what it says in red in the 1st line... dx
  22. The information I gave is how best I can show the time I have had to waste, I have no other means I can think of to estimate what has happened. I have made free sign up with Experian and shows excellent score but doesn't look like I can find any other info if there is any occurrences, there are no options for this. Here is what was put in the SAR..... I received this letter this morning dated 29-04-20 Were passing your information to a debt collection agency
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