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  1. I have recently sold my 2 bed flat in Apr but got a water bill for Nov 2014 to Apr 2015 from the mgmt company, which showed I used 92 m3 water and charged me almost £240! But I paid only 104 for Nov 2013 to Nov 2014 and I don't use much more than usual water. How can it jump so much! I forgot to take the meter reading when I moved out. Actually not read it for years. So I can not really argue the meter reading with them. Anyone can have some good advice on what I should do?
  2. Sorry for the late response. I have finally settled this case out of court with TFL now. I'd like to thank everyone who have helped me on this forum, rebell11, Old-CodJA, honeybee13, king12345, without you guys help, I can not adjourn the court date and settle this case finally. I understand everyone has helped me not for money, so I have donated £50(ref: 01M440779P6461403) to the forum. This is really a helpful place for people who needs help. I think the following factors was considered when settlling my case by TFL: 1) admit the irregular travel 2) prove that it is occasional,
  3. 10AM tmr, but I will go there by 9am and will only have mobile internet on my phone. I can bring cash but dont know how much is enough... I can not show the cash to ask for settlement, so that they dont misunderstand my action... tbh, after all of the past communacation, I don't think it is likely to settle...
  4. the prosecutor did know the whole thing about my case. But he would argue on court that TFL has done the review, especially given it was adjourned 2 weeks to review. I can bring these documents but if I plead guity, would this help to reduce the fine?
  5. would it still be possible to settle it last minutes before court starts? I will go there early to talk to the prosecutor first. But last time he said only the prosecution manager can decide to settle it or not.
  6. i have not contacted CAB cos i have thought my case can not get free legal advice. i already asked solicitors directly. i can give the above to court tomorrow. but would it help to reduce any fine for my case? i even want to prosecute tfl for breach of duty of care but feel not easy to get evidence and legal cost could be high..plus it can only be after tommorrow.
  7. I did try to ask a few solicitors today. No one seems to think I can win if I plead not guilty after my story about the whole case. Get solicitors to represent me before court could cost 1k+ which is even more than the fine I could get.
  8. I can say all these on court but I don't know if the judge will care... There is a fact I can not deny that I did use my wife's card on the day. I think I have tried my best to settle this matter with TFL. But given that no one communicate with me from TFL now and only one day left to the court date, I may have to go to court and be fined and get criminal record...
  9. I spent time on TFL's wrong doing because I don't think I could win this case on court. I really had hoped that we can reach a settle out of court.
  10. It is already adjourned once so not likely to adjourn again. From my last court experience, I think the judge won't care about the bad commutation by TFL. All she ask is just a simple question whether I used other's ticket on that day, I can not and will not on court... So it is really easy for TFL to win if they don't want to settle!
  11. Now even the CEO starts to ignore my email... One whole day past and they still not reply to me. I have also spoke to some solicitor so far. If I go to court, not very likely to win because past communication showed I admited the offence... The fine could be between 500 and 1000 if I plead guilty... No matter how unfair I was treated. TFL can still win the case easily. Feel really disappointed about them!
  12. I do have this, but not those suggested by king12345. TFL are very hard to communicate so I don't think they will post me any evidence which are not good for them.
  13. the credit here means amount of fine? how much could be the difference? any other difference? also how much could a.lawyer cost roughly?
  14. i sent a complaint letter again to mike brown last might. mainly said lost my post, lack of communication, forward my first complaint letter directly to the prosecution manager who is the subject to complaint. i also think it is breach of duty of care. can i prosecute tfl for this?
  15. do you think a lawyer could help me to win? any recommand? i also want to know difference between plead guity or not guity. can anyone help pls?
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