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  1. As the letter is dated 16 October, if I did submit an appeal as long as I do it by 30 October that's okay? The lady at Asda indicated that she would take care of the cancellation and not to worry about any letters that may come - if I don't get a letter of cancellation before 30 October, I suppose I could still submit an appeal just as a safety net... would you mention in an appeal to Smart Parking that i've already discussed with Asda and they agreed to cancel it, or just stick with the standard appeal script?
  2. An update: I went upto Asda this morning as soon as it opened, and went straight to Customer Services and asked to see the Store Manager (and named him). They said he was out today, but his assistant would come down. I had the original PCN, a photocopy to give them, and a printout of the list of purchases I'd made at Asda in the last 2 months... it was a significant amount! I explained the situation - that I'd left the car park at 9am, been at work most of the day when they claimed I was in the Asda Car Park, and then returned after 1630...and that we were regular customers (showing
  3. Hi, i'm new here... I've just received in the post today (18th October 2014) a letter from Smart Parking... a Parking Charge Notice saying that on Wednesday 1st October, my vehicle entered the Asda Sheffield site at 08:52, and exited at 16:46... with a picture of my number plate on these occasions. It says I have 14 days from the date of the letter (16 October) to pay £40, then it goes upto £70. Obviously, this is a load of rubbish, as for whatever reason they've not recorded that I left the Asda car park at approximately 09:00 (having purchased newspapers for my next door neighbou
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