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  1. Hi all I purchased my bike from direct bikes on Jul 2014, Once I had been through the annoyance of registering it with DVLA I finally had it on the road.......HOWEVER 2-3 weeks ago I noticed it pulling to the left very slightly,i checked the brake pads etc and thought I may have solved it but on Tuesday I went to ride it and it immediately started pulling left, I took it to my local garage (the only one in the area that does mopeds) and he said the front forks were bent and that was what was causing the pulling, asked him cost ect and he said he would find out, Meanwhile I contacted Direct bikes regarding warranty etc they have claimed that because it was 40km over its first service (due at 300km) and 100km over second service (due at 1000km) that the warranty is void, I know I should got it in for service bang on time but the nearest "approved" garage is 18 miles away (about 32km I believe), because of this the bike was serviced at my local garage (didn't think it would make any difference... I know how wrong I was now), the second service was carried out at the approved garage and nothing was mentioned about the forks or anything more than oil change etc, the bike currently has about 2500km on it and is due another service at 3000km, It is currently in the local garage awaiting front fork repair, The garage ordered the part necessary from the approved parts provider HOWEVER the parts do not fit correctly,the garage has been talking to the parts provider and they say they do not stock/supply the exact model for my bike.....My question is this.....Even though they claim the warranty is void because of the late servicing do I have a claim that they have sold me a bike that I cannot get spare parts for (the provider is the only one that supplies the parts for direct bikes) and therefore have put me in an impossible situation to rectify, had I taken it to the approved garage they would be getting the exact same parts from the exact same company Sorry for the long winded explanation but I thought it best to give the full picture Any help gratefully accepted
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