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  1. Dx Do You Mean a CCA request not a CCJ request? Do I send a SAR to Welcome to get the details of the account? the paperwork for this account has long since been filed under BIN
  2. The Letter I received from link was sent to say they have bought the account but it did have a request for payment and bank details of where to pay so I would say that in my letter from link they are asking for money. I am a member ofl the online credit checking services operated by the credit reference agencies so am keeping a very close eye on my credit file too.
  3. Just to clarify the letter from Asset Link no5 states they have purchased the account from HFO Services not HFO Capital
  4. I thought the time limit on PPI claims is 6 years from when the policy was purchased if so then I would be unable to claim the PPI as this Loan/PPI was taken out in 2002. I have searched Companies house files on the company that is sending these letters out (Asset Link No5) this company was incorporated in 2010 as a dormant limted company and is STILL registered as dormant ie NOT trading so they should not be sending out letters demanding money as they have declared to Companies House and to the HMRC that they are not trading. (possible Tax Fiddle) P
  5. Coledog I have stopped paying this account back in February this year when T/Rutherford wrote to me stating they are not acting for HFO anymore and I should contact HFO capital direct. The outstanding amount is just over £800 out of a ccj that was for £3,400 I have sent an SAR and CCA to HFO back in 2007 when this all started and I discovered this forum. as before then I did not know about the CCA etc otherwise this would have never got to court. I looked at claiming the PPI from Welcome Finance but I was told that the payout would go to HFO so I did not claim
  6. DonkeyB The amount they are claiming is equal to the original CCJ minus the payments I have made to them £800 ish I have not had an deed of assignment when the account was passed to HFO Capital from HFO Services do I send a CCA Request or a SAR to link? Merry Christmas to you all.
  7. Hi All I had sent letters to HFO regarding the account and had not heard anything until this morning when I received a letter from a company called Asset Link No 5 saying they have purchased this account.... . has anybody had any dealings with them? at lease they have the correct balance on the letter instead of the inflated amount that HFO kept saying I owed. hopefully I can eventually put an end to this saga now.
  8. Hi donkeyB I can record telephone calls, I have checked the CRA files there are no defaults shown in relation to this as it is older than 6 years also the judgement is no longer showing as well I have no more paperwork from HFO I have the original court claim which they tried to claim nearly £9K from me but I defended it in court and the judge ordered me to pay only the £3K plus £395 costs. Cheers Peter
  9. DonkeyB No I have not received any statements of accounts. .. the only letters I have received are one letter stating that Turnbull Rutherford are no longer dealing with this about a year ago and the letter in the previous post above.
  10. Here is a variation to the original Judgement that details the original amount the judge ordered me to pay on the original judgement the variation was to reduce the monthly instalment that I had to pay at first they wanted the whole amount in one go then settled for £60 per month i applied to reduce this to the £30 per month as in this variation order I cannot find the original judgment form at moment (must have been filed in wrong folder in cabinet. as you can see the judgment was obtained by HFO Services Limited not HFO Capital. is there a
  11. Hi Dx100uk Who do I send the SAR to as I belive that Welcome are no longer trading.
  12. Unfortunately I don't have the original paperwork for the Welcome finance agreement as it was over 14 years ago when I bought the car so I am unable to reclaim the PPI which is a shame as that would have more than covered the true outstanding balance £400. I only have the court papers for the ccj when this all started with HFO I did not know about CCA requests etc as if I did this would have not got to court in the first place as I am sure that HFO would not have been able to produce the agreement.
  13. The CCJ was obtained 5 Years after welcome had taken the car back in 2002 after the PPI insurance refused to pay out when I become too ill to work due to an infection that has now left me with a permanent disibility. I had not heard anything from them till I got a phone call about march 2007 from HFO saying I owed them over £8000 for the car I had from welcome Finance despite the original purchase price for the car was only £4,500 I had paid a deposit of £1,000 when I purchased the car and made 2 years payments without missing any. I now wish I had nev
  14. The original CCJ was obtained by HFO Services/Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors in August 2008 this has since disappeared from my CRA files.
  15. I have just sent a letter to HFO asking them to send me a breakdown of the figures so I can see how they have arrived at the figure they are demanding. CB there is no mention of any post judgement interest on the court papers just the amount as said before ie £3000 plus £300 costs. I was under the impression that for a company to be able to charge interest after a judgement it had to be in the Ts & Cs of the original agreement. As HFO have not provided me with the original agreement despite several CCA requests. I cannot check this.
  16. Thanks for replying Yes I have the original court docs I was paying a monthly amount via online banking the figure they say I have paid is somewhat less that what the amounts on my bank statement shows. the original judgment was for £3,300 made up of £3000 and £300 costs I have paid £2,900 over the period thus the balance should be only £400 not the £4,673 that they claim I owe. I thought that if their consumer licence has been revoked they cannot carry on chasing people for money.
  17. Well they are still at it got a letter from them(HFO Capital) this morning demanding payment!! 1st letter this year though I thought this would be all over now having had 12 years of hell from this bunch!!.
  18. Hi I am a Newbie to this I have had a long ongoing battle with HFO Services/Hfo Capital for over 13 years over a car I had on finance with Welcome Finance which was taken back by Welcome. I have today received a letter from HFO Capital demanding payment or they will carry our enforcement action etc etc. having not heard from them for over 12 months prior to this letter. This debt went to court over 7 years ago before I had found out about CCAs etc as if I had sent them a CCA request this would have not got to court in the first place and I was pa
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