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  1. Today received a FAKE £50 refund cheque *apparently* from sainsburys bank regarding a debt I had way back when. They have no idea I live here now as the debt was incurred in another part of the country. The cheque appears to come from sainsburys and is a goodwill gesture because they overcharged in debt fees. Its suggest they have asked Direct Collections to credit my outstanding debt account and have themselves sent me this £50 cheque as a goodwill gesture. Its pure fabrication and no doubt highly illegal too. I have had no contact with anyone since leaving previous addre
  2. Yes obviously points etc should be declared as they can be seen on current licence. However in the case (uncles post) of a convicted criminal being insured, and then having a burglary. I still do not agree they need to be declared despite the insurance companies insistence *unless * the claim goes to court as fraud, which is not what we are talking about here. The police cannot disclose such convictions otherwise and if they do it is an offence. The insurance companies would have us telling them our whole lives if they could get away with it, and we will all suffer as a consequence if we give
  3. Exactly and all that makes sense so I wouldnt bother declaring anything unless you have committed insurance fraud and will be on their database. They cannot access CRB and the police cannot divulge anything unless it is related to the case, so a new case of insurance fraud. A big fat scare story put out by the industry which is illegal but makes them much, much more money.
  4. As far as I am aware insurance companies have no legal right to access criminal records database and cannot do so. Employers can and anywhere working with kids can but not insurance companies etc. Obviously if a claim is made they can involve the police but it would be the police who access the records and they cannot give access unless a crime is proven. Surely this lark is one big scare story. Has anyone actually seen any evidence or regs on insurance company access to records?
  5. We recently had a bustup with Nationwide about suddenly cutting our line of credit with no notice and told them how disappointed we were and moved our banking elsewhere closing down all our day to day dealings with nationwide. Still have overdraft with them which we were paying off. This has not got to any default stages or anything so no reason to be chasing us *yet*. We moved to a new address whilst all this was happening and nationwide had been sending us mail as usual. This is over say 4mths or so. BTW Nationwide couldnt give a stuff about our loya
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