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  1. Success! I couldn't find any evidence of any parking restrictions so emailed Starbucks direct. In the email mentioned details as recommended above. They then sent the query onto EuroGarages who run the site. They got in contact with me and asked to send a copy of the notice. They have just confirmed: All our sites are operated with a parking system which helps control issues such as people leaving vehicles for prolonged times or camping out in the car park. Unfortunately, this ends up affecting genuine paying customers like yourself which is why we have a system in place in each store. For future visits, if you are going to stay over the time limit which is displayed in the car park, just let our staff on site know and they can note your car registration down. This way you avoid any parking fines. I have appealed the fine on your behalf and managed to successfully get it cancelled. If there is anything else I can help with please let me know. So thank you for everyone's help with this, much appreciated.
  2. @lookinforinfo Thanks. In terms of looking for the car park signs planning etc - would it be via this link -https://www.sthelens.gov.uk/planning-building-control/planning/ And then find the application? I just wanted to make sure. I can actually find the planning for the Coffee shop - P/2011/1031 | Erection of a drive thru' coffee shop. | Land Adjacent To Service Station Rainford Road Windle but not much else. But wanted to make sure I am looking in right place.
  3. Unfortunately I don't live that close to the Starbucks- well a 30 min drive - to take a decent picture of the signs
  4. I suppose it would only be for the Tesco too (which I did use beforehand to get some fuel). But it is sort of separate from the Tesco and kind of clear it is for Starbucks - attached a pic from Google Street View - Starbucks car park on left. Tesco on right - there are limited spaces for Tesco, probably about 15 by counting them on street view starbuck pic.pdf
  5. Yep that is the one. Well it is next door to a Tesco petrol station (could be an express too). It is on the East Lancs Road - which joins Liverpool & Manchester for those not aware - on the junction which takes you into St Helens.
  6. Hi received a PCN in the post from a Starbucks car park. Apparently you can only park an hour but I met someone for a new job and we were there for 1hr 30 mins - I can't recall seeing any signs but I must be honest I don't recall seeing any. The charge is £60 which seems a little excessive. Does it matter who was actually driving the car? 1 04/02/20 2 07/02/20 3 10/02/20 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Y 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Y 6 Have you appealed? N 7 Who is the parking company? ParkingEye 8. Where exactly - Starbucks, Windle Island, St Helens For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. POPLA
  7. OK thanks for your responses - thought I would just double check
  8. Hi I was issued a penalty fare notice for not having a valid ticket on a train. I gave the inspector my personal details (I didn't have any ID on me) but when I have checked the notice later on, the date of birth they have put down is incorrect. They didn't ask me to check any details when they gave me the notice. I have read the Railways (Penalty Fares) Regulations 2018 and am particularly interested around the Appeals procedure under section 16. Specifically s.16(3)(b) whereby it states: "The grounds on which an appeal under this regulation may be made are that...the appellant is not the person liable for the payment of the penalty fare" Considering that the notice is not strictly for me - as its not my DOB - would this meet the condition under s16(3)(b)? In any case, it is worth an appeal on this basis?
  9. Another letter received in the post today: Acting on behalf of the claimant and they have been instructed to commence legal action, as I have failed to settle debts or provide valid reason for non payment. They refer to the practice direction for pre action conduct under the civil procedure rules and in particular para 4 of the same which concerns the court's powers to impose sanctions for any failure to comply. It then asks for payment within 14 days or write back saying; my full account of the circumstances that have led to the charges and should include confirmation as to who the driver(s) of the vehicle were at the time of each incident and a current address. It states unless a satisfactory response is provided, we are instructed to start proceedings against you without any further notice in order to recovery the amounts due and costs associated with recovery of them. Advice would be appreciated - is it time to just reiterate the facts. fine sent to the keeper too late? or anything else?
  10. OK thanks - sorry was just double checking that was all. thank you for your help
  11. So would you say just to ignore it for now? or to respond to them with a letter?
  12. It says due to the absence of payment or valid appeal, our client (PWE) has instructed us to recover the total amount due to them as above.As all other attempts have failed, our client may instruct us to take legal action against you in the County Court. It then asks me to make the payment, or write regarding my proposals in respect of the debt. It then details potential additional costs if it went to court and they won - it amounts to over £200
  13. Update from last year - now received a solicitors letter threatening legal proceedings unless I pay £100. Any advice? Ignore? Respond? Who to contact?
  14. @ericsbrother - you responded to a query of mine on here, called 'Park With Ease' I was wondering whether you could help me out as I do not want to post in that thread at the moment. I cannot PM you. Sorry for posting in this thread.
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