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  1. Hi - thanks for helping. It was a business contract and the T's & C's do say there will be a charge. The company is Premier Calls who obviosuly want us to stay with them as they have called a few times. Its still worth us changing back to BT though even with the charge so might just have to pay it.
  2. Hi - I wanted to change my telephone calls back to BT but the company I am with now are telling me I have to pay a £195 cancellation fee to cover their losses, costs and expenses. Please can you tell me if they can legally do this even if I give the correct amount of notice. Thank you.
  3. I would just like to say an enormous thankyou to Ploddertom who has been such a massive help to us over this. Without his help we really would not have known what to do. I will certainly be sending this forum a donation
  4. Again huge thanks. I have rung the solicitor who was dealing with this but he has now left the company and the new solicitor taking over is not in the office until Monday. The nearest court is about an hour away which doesn't give us any time to get the forms filled in and to them this morning!
  5. We have also spoken to Marstons again this morning and they will not except our payments but want £1,000 to stop the van turning up on Monday morning. We are trying to raise this money as we do not have it. We have also told them we have filled in the forms for a Stay of Execution but they were not interested.
  6. Hi - I have spoken to the Enforcement Office ant The Roayl court and the writ has not been re-newed.
  7. You have been absolutely amazing - thankyou. I will now do everything you have suggested. We will have to pay the fee, which is not a problem, as we do not claim any benefits. Huge thankyou to you.
  8. When the monthly payment had been returned to us we were then told by the solicitor acting for them that we actually still owed £811.84. Marston did take a cut up until 2010 when it was agreed we could pay directly to the company we owed the money and then Marston did not take a cut. No goods were ever seized. What is a form 55 please.
  9. It was in 2007 and I had no paperwork to say it had been renewed every year
  10. The amount was for £6,693.74, we did submit a defence but we did not attend. We paid £200 per month until the business folded and then we were allowed to pay £100 which we did continually until the monthly payment was retunred to our account as the company had gone bankrupt.
  11. Yes there was as the company we owed the money to wanted us to pay £500 per month and all we could afford was £100
  12. Yes I have and they have sent me one, according to them its execution costs, judgement cost, interest and enforcement fees
  13. Instead of excepting our offer of paying monthly to pay off our debt they got Marstons to act on their behalf. Our other creditors accepted our offer and the majority of the debts have now been paid in full.
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