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  1. Yes thats the one, but i was specifically interested in the amount that the fines will be now i know what way we are going. Thanks
  2. Hi, My girlfriend has received a court summons for a speeding fine (36 in a 30) and failure to provide details of the driver. This has gone to court as the previous paperwork had gone to a previous address. We will go guilty to the speeding offence by post so what sort of fine will we receive ? But the failure to provide the driver details we will go as not guilty as we never received the original requests for them, so again we will expect a fine but roughly how much please ? My girlfriend is a low earner and takes home roughly £950 after tax. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, No contact from Marston Balliffs by 2 o clock so phoned them to ask if they had spoken to the court, she said she had and would know within the hour. One hour later i phoned her again and she said she would know any minute and phone me. Another hour passed - i rang again and she wouldn't pick up - i left a voice mail. Another hour passed, i phoned again and left another voice mail stating that i had the statutory document with the court signature and the new court papers and that i wanted to arrange a meeting tonight so they could drop the case. 2 minutes later i received a text from the bailiff, the court had agreed that i had signed the statutory agreement and they had accepted it, no explanation as to why Marsdon hadn't been informed or an apology. Text also said the matter was now closed. Victory thanks to everyone who helped.
  4. Thanks DX, I have both so will see what they say. Getting hold of the court however seems pretty impossible, I tried constantly all day and just get lost in their automated system.
  5. Thanks. Can they actually force their way into the property ? as its owned by me as are all the contents and the debt/speeding fine is from my girlfriend who has moved in with me.
  6. Hi, Hoping you lovely people will be able to give me some advice as I'm having terrible trouble with Marsden debt collectors. Around three months ago my Polish girlfriend moved in with me having been a UK resident for around three years) when she did so i told her to switch her details with the DVLA for her address which she did. Having done that it seems she flagged up on Marsdens list for a speeding ticket that had been sent to a previous address, the short version is she had 4 changes of addressing 1 year and was out of the country for several months caring for her terminally ill mother in Poland. she never received the original speeding fine as she had moved and not notified as she wasn't at a fixed address. the first we knew of it was when Marsden sent a letter saying she owes £1055 ! I contacted them right away to find out the details etc.. . and i took my girlfriend to court to make a statutory declaration to say she had never received the fine in the first place, the court said the bailiffs would be notified and the procedure of the court case would start over again. That was the end of it from Marsden, or so we thought. We received her paperwork from court saying we had a new court date (november 4th 2014) of which we would attend and tell them what happened. However today Marsden have been back to our address with very threatening attitudes saying the court hadn't contacted them so they were still under contract to collect. i tried to contact Poole magistrates court but i just get stuck in a round and round automated phone system. i explained all to the Marsden bailiff who called me a liar and said it all still stands. I have a photocopy of the statutory declaration and the new court papers etc.. but couldn't show them as they were with my girlfriend at her work. How can i stop Marsden coming back they said its not up to them to contact the court but at the same time i can't get hold of an actual person to speak to at court ? Thanks in advance, Danny
  7. thanks for the replays, she was caught on a fixed camera, she has lived here for three years but travels back to Poland often to see and look after her mother. Thanks once again for any help or guidance you can give.
  8. Also worth noting that my girlfriend is Polish so has a Polish licence only, not a UK one.
  9. Hi, My girlfriend recently had a out of the blue debt collection notice come to my address of where she has recently moved. It related to a speeding ticket that had been posted to her old address so she had never received it, she has had 4 addresses in that year due to friends helping her with a place to live. I contacted the debt agency to see what it was all about and that was the first we had heard of it so i contacted the council and explained and went to court with her to fill out a statutory declaration of which was accepted and now the whole procedure has started again. My question is, there court summons is now for two crimes, one is the original speeding offence (of which she would go guilty as its clear cut) but the other is for failing to produce documents, so does she go guilty to this as she didn't produce but she didn't get anything to tell her to do so as she had moved, or not guilty for the same reason ? Also is there any merit in going guilty by post on both to save going to court etc... would it be a huge fine ? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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