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  1. Hi, Following a 2nd CRP request to Halifax I received what they are calling a 'credit agreement' I hope someone can take a look at this and tell me what they think. Here it is: There are no prescibed terms, only the 'right to cancel, but there is an agreement part for them to process my data and I did seem to have signed it: This is the application form they sent a while ago, together with pages of terms & conditions. Any advise/comments would be appreciated. Thanks GM
  2. Hi Davey, I thought you may be interested to see this letter I received this week from RBS having sent them are request of a default notice copy and not a CCA request !! However, WHAT A RESULT. I'm just quickly posting and trying out Photo Bucket to see how it works. I'll post my reply to them later as well as starting my own thread on this. Regards, GM
  3. Hi Babybear can you explain what this is? Sorry for the ignorance. GM
  4. Hi Thanks for the replies I hope this will be a useful post for all.
  5. Hi there. I am intending to challenge a number of credit agreements which I think are unenforceable. I have so far sent out CCA & CPR requests and had the usual responce. I have complained to the FOS (no reply yet, not holding my breath) but have had a very positive responce from my local Trading Standards Office. In fact I had a two hour meeting with them and they seemed very interested and indicated that they would take legal action against the lenders if 'their team' agreed that breaches of the CCA & DPA were evident. I have to wait till next week to get their official respo
  6. Hi Davey I've been just been reading this post and other post on the forum trying get me head round the 'invalid defaults' issue (which most people seem unsure of) and I was wondering where you picked up on the following? Is this 'time thing' mentioned in the CCA act and how would you use it to show that the default is invalid? ''I Don't think I've explained this very well''! Hope you can enlighten me. Thanks GM:-)
  7. Hi Davey thanks for that comment. Well the law is the law, they were quite clear about that and the TS are supposed to take action on the consumers behalf it is flouted, but I will let you know how it goes. I'll put some links to my other cases tomorrow as I am also trying to deal with the same lenders who have all defaulted on me. Have just send off default query letters to them all. Cheers GM
  8. Hi Davey, Thanks for the reply on the above post and my own Capitol 1 post. I understand your strategy and its great that you achieved what you set out to do. Following my meeting with the Trading Standards Office today, I will wait to see how much they will support me, before I decide on the claim I am going to make. I'll keep you informed. Thanks GM
  9. Hi Davey, thanks for the reply and the answers to my 2 other threads. Have you sent 2 CPR 31.16 giving 21 days each which technically is the way to do it if you want to show the Court you have been fair and reasonable? I take it your method for the CPR was taken from this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/173201-why-you-shouldnt-use.html[/quote] Reply: No I haven't sent letter 2 yet but I will tomorrow and I did get it from the link above. Here's some great news that could be be helpful to many others: I had a 2 hour meeting today with
  10. Hi Andy, Thanks for the reply, I do have several cards to deal with and have done nothing further to date, so I am going to try your suggestion with at least one claim. Have you or anyone else used the radical method you described and 'won'? I total see where your coming from and with my limited understanding of the legal proccess it makes perfect sense. However, I've started the ball rolling and I want to deal with it as quickly as possible without the lenders taking legal action against me, rather I am going to take action against them. I sent a CCA request some time
  11. Can someone have a look at this?? I have send the CRP request using a template from the forum. I had a response on 02/06/09 from Ellie telling me that they have complied and that this is their final response. So, I have now complained to FOS, complained to my Local Trading Standards, (I have a meeting with them on 16/07/09) will post outcome later and have emailled my MP & AM (I live in Wales) I'm quite happy to take this all the way to court, but I want to do it correctly. The debt is under 5K so should I put it through the small claims court? I guess the next stage i
  12. In reply to mnayyar I have been reading GimmeMoneys case and have a few questions- i'm not sure if you have managed to resolve this as you have not provided a recent update but I ma interested to know whether they had included the info that the site team member indicated was required e.g no of repayments, amount, frequency and timing of repayment etc and whether you eventually managed to successfully write off thedebt. Still ongoing I now need to threated court action I am also considering doing the same and have a few questions - I have managed to obtain the template letter
  13. Hi Davey Your posts have been a really inspiration to me and I'm sure many others who have read about your case. WELL DONE!! I am in the process of 'dealing' with Capitol One and I am at the stage where I need to threaten them with legal action. I have sent them a CPR request which they have ignored apart from a letter stating that they have copied. I have a question for you that I could not work out the outcome from the threads. Its to do with the following from one of your letter to Capitol 1 ''I therefore require a full refund of all payments made to you in the mistaken belie
  14. Can you or anyone give me some more advise? Having requested a CCA agreement from Tesco/RBS. They sent me the usual copy of the application form and a copy of terms & cond. I have since send a CRP request using a template from the site. I had a response on 23/06/09 from them telling me that they have complied. They also advised that this was their final response. So, I have now complained to FOS, complained to my Local Trading Standards, (I have a meeting with them on 16/07/09) will post outcome later and have emailled my MP & AM (I live in Wales) I'm quite happy to tak
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