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  1. XP , full hard disc user. You can help yourself by taking a copy of all stuff you want onto an external hard drive via USB cable. ITB hard drive about £40. (Note you should save emails as HTML format or text format and that does away with the 'envelope thingy"). Your can then cut back on hard drive amount saved. (You find old documents them on your external hard drive). For Browsing I recommend you use a LIVE LINUX distribution on a DVD/CD, as it will be up to date and avoid some Windows XP problems. Google "Live Linux" , Google "SLAX" or other Linux distribution "Linux Mint" etc. (over 800 ones to chose from). Burn the distribution from downloaded ISO format to Live Linux CD or DVD and run it from your DVD drive, after setting your computer to boot from DVD/CD as first option, if no CD/DVD it then starts on Windows. You can use a USB memory stick (bigger than 12 GB) in place of DVD. This use of Live Linux with a small distribution keeps old computer hardware active for many years. City of Munich changed to Linux to avoid a) Microsoft fees for update from XP to Windows 7 and b) to keep old harware in use.. Good Luck.
  2. use "Ghostery" plug in to see or limit trackers.
  3. "make sure the computer is turned off and disconnected from the power source." This is not enough for laptops. You must: Turn off computer. Disconnect the power cord. Remove the battery. Then press the start button which discharges the capacitors inside the machine. Only then is it electrically safe to open up to clean. Regards Eionmac
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