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  1. I rang courts today to check the status and the case has been discontinued many thanks for your help
  2. So they can keep this stayed indefinitely?
  3. Ok can I ask for the stay to be removed and the court case to be cancelled?
  4. It’s about to become statue barred I believe as the last payment was in March 2012 and default notice was August 2012
  5. I mean Dryden fairfax is they and I believe it was stayed as they failed to provide
  6. seagulls don’t know why it keeps powering seagulls
  7. well I saw it on another forum and wanted another opinion but thanks for that
  8. My apologies for not returning till today they cancelled the court hearing as they did not provide the credit agreement I asked for and I have not heard from them since
  9. Because a noa can fall under sec 136 of lop act as the debt has to be assigned it doesn’t have to have a connection to original agreement as the debt has to be reassigned which comes under sec 136 it’s the same with mortgages they don’t have a connection to the original agreement but still fall under this when the debt is reassigned
  10. Hi I took out a loan with mini credit back in 2012 they went under in dec 2014 and in a letter to the fca states that all debt that had been transferred had to give a notice of assignment by 29/12/19. I have found an email from opos on the 21/1/14 with a notice of assignment. I believe under sec 136 of the law of property act 1925 that this debt is now unenforceable am I correct?
  11. I have a court hearing on the 3rd June re this case but arrow have not submitted documents to the court or myself can I have the case thrown out?
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