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  1. Do your homework. if you actually read this thread properly you might have noticed that I did not start it. However, I'm signing off this outdated forum which seems to be run for the benefit of the site team and not consumers. Anyone who actually wants something done [removed] which is already followed by NPower so they are worried and the telegraph.
  2. Sorry but the site team contributions to this thread are appalling and ill-informed. Both of you are giving erroneous advice with no legal basis. This forum is apparently not working in the interests of consumers (do you guys work for Npower or something!??)
  3. Agree that it is principles at stake here. Personally and financially for me it would make more sense to write off Npowers debt to our household. However, we need to stand up for the people who cannot and would be sent into fuel poverty by this shocking ineptitude/deceit.
  4. Will be tweeting to Npower including the CEO about this matter. The more followers the more they will need to take action. I have already been contacted by Npower via tweeter due to a complaint I tweeted on my work twitter account - however, I set up the new one to deal with this issue as I would like to keep my identity private. Even if you are not on twitter please join as this seems to get action quicker according the Telegraph Money
  5. Anyone else have a specific complaint against Npower for inaccurate billing? please reply to this thread, thanks
  6. Looking at the poll on this page (top), 83% of customers have had faults with Npower billing. This would be the strongest claim.
  7. Commonality requirement for Class action - there must be one or more legal or factual claims common to the entire class (in some cases, it must be shown that the common issues will predominate the proceedings over individual issues,) In other words we have to identify what the specific claim would be and only those with similar claims will be in the 'class'. A claim can't be for general incompetence in custom service. it would have to be defined.
  8. BTW I'm not on Facebook but do use Twitter so will report back on any activity there
  9. The first step would be to clarify, as Peejayjay, states that this is an action against one company by many claimants. Then we need to pay for legal advise. So, it makes sense to identify more claimants than the three potential parties to the action on this forum. Any suggestions how we might gain momentum on this? twitter?
  10. Yes, I also have a case with Npower which was unheld by the ombudsman service and Npower has failed to act on the remedy they gave within the correct timeframe. It is clear that the ombudsman has no authority or teeth and they pretty much admitted this to me today. I intend to take legal action and am interested in a class action. Please DM me regarding this.
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