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  1. received a letter saying i that may be eligible for income based E.S.A for the period 24/04/13 to 07/04/15. I was in receipt of Contribution based E.S.A at the time. I am currently getting J.S.A. Will this have any effect as to whether I get the back payment of the income based E.S.A or not, or do I need to end my J.S.A claim ? also the letter states that the form needs to be retuned by 13/07/19 and that it can take up to 7 working days to reach them by post. Does this mean I have up until 13th July to post it or that I have to post it 7 working da
  2. There are rent arrears from the previous address which I vacated 2007.. the problem is the amount the council say I owe, along with x husband, amounts to £1799. I disagree and have told them as much. I believe the amount that is owed to be much less, as, at the time I was in the property, the rent that was paid fortnightly, was added onto the balance outstanding, and so the rent arrears were going up and not down. They have failed to get this sorted and I would like some advice on how to proceed further.. thanks in advance
  3. not bitter,just don't agree with someone getting something if they are not entitled to it which is what I suspect
  4. Someone with "learning difficulties" receiving D.L.A even though this person is fully able bodied and can do things for them self,has no mobility impairment whatsoever and has even held position of company director with a firm that assists people with "learning difficulties" sounds fishy to me
  5. Someone with "learning difficulties" is in receipt of D.L.A and J.S.A.this person has informed me that she is exempt from signing on because of her "condition".she has stated that she was in receipt of income support but that it was changed over to J.S.A. is that possible ?
  6. I am running Windows 8.1, 64 bit, and the C:drive is not showing in the disk defragmenter, although it did before. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. No, as the fault affected the entire London area
  8. took the said form to post office only to be told system was down and therefore couldn't get any stamps. That being said, I spoke with the P.O manager and explained to him the situation that it was an appeal form etc, he listened and then gave me 2 stamps, to the cost of postage out of his own pocket, but said would not be able to get proof of posting should I decide to post it. I have one calendar month from the date on the letter (20/07/16) within which to appeal, I am in doubt as to whether to actually post it, if the system is down, and it doesn't get t
  9. I followed the link to SSC1 at their site as stated in my previous post but it was broken, and no, I didn't get any names, simply because I requested that one person deal with it and got the answer.. .. we are all qualified to deal with it
  10. I spoke to someone over the phone who supposedly filled out a form and e mailed it, presumably to a "decision maker" and was told to "call back in a couple of days for an update", which I did. I also told them I do not have a contact number as I don't have a mobile. when I rang back the person I spoke to knew nothing about it as there was "no record". The same person then asked me for a contact number. I explained that I had already told them I didn't have and was calling from a friends phone. I didn't get the call back the next day as they had promised. I w
  11. ya I have had mobility problems for the last 6 years due to a double fracture and now have leg pinned/plated and they know this
  12. to cut a long story short, claimed J.S.A 16/12/15 after E.S.A was stopped following interview at Jobcentre. I received 24 letters, all from MAXIMUS work program. Those 24 letters consisted of 2 of the same letter, sent out by 2 different people. one letter stated that as I failed to attend an appt on 3rd May,(signing on day), (out of all the letters received not one of them was a letter informing me of said appointment), it would be re-booked for 10th May. another letter, also dated 10th May, headlined YOUR INITIAL APPOINTMENT, obviously sent out by someone e
  13. thanks... actually the information came from the C.A.B website
  14. according to .gov website, a hardship payment is a reduced amount of J.S.A, that doesn't have to be paid back. However, according to C.A.B, it is a loan that has to be paid back when sanction ends. I have submitted a mandatory reconsideration and have been informed that it will be backdated when they finally get it sorted out.
  15. I applied for a hardship payment on Fri 03/06/16. I was told I had been awarded it from when my J.S.A was sanctioned on 18/05/16, but the payment has yet to appear in my account. What I would like to know is, what is the time scale between applying for such a payment and actually getting it ??? I rang the benefit enquiry line yesterday, (Mon), when it didn't hit my account, and was told it takes 24 hours for it to appear on the system. Despite them promising it would be in my account within a matter of hours of phoning,(apparently, it takes 3 hours to process
  16. I signed on just this past Tuesday and today I checked my bank account and find that my JSA payment has not been issued. I am wondering as to why my work coach did not tell me at the time I signed on, as, surely there must have been some information on the system to say that it had been stopped ??? And why did he allow me to sign on if that is the case ???
  17. I am getting cut off all the time and have to keep on re-connecting when I am on the internet. It is only doing it with The Cloud, and there are 2 places where I encounter the problem (both Caffe Nero). That being said, in Pret Manger, (also The Cloud), it works fine! A message comes up when I try to connect saying the connection is limited, but someone in Caffe Nero seems to think it's my laptop, he said it was working fine on both his laptop and his phone! any help appreciated
  18. I was in receipt of E.S.A and was attending back-to -work interviews. during the interview I was pressurised to apply for voluntary work as part of my entitlement. I informed the person interviewing me that I was already doing voluntary work at the church on a Tuesday lunchtime, where I clear tables etc. Shortly thereafter, I was sent for a medical, during which I was asked about my work capabilities. I explained that my condition was stress-related and went into some detail about how it affects my ability to work on any given day.This has never been a problem previously, and my E.S.A
  19. How to go about transferring Jobseekers claim from one place to another ? I am currently in London and wish to transfer the claim back to my original city of York. My next "sign-on" day will be 05/04/16, will I be able to transfer before then without it affecting my claim, or will I have to wait ? Thanks for any advice
  20. is J.S.A being paid early because of the Easter holiday ? I "signed on" yesterday, Tues 22 Mar and would normally receive it Friday, but I wondered if it was being paid a day early because of Easter
  21. I aren't using a 10 year old machine, my laptop is just over a year old, and besides I know someone that downloaded it and said it was a heap of junk and had nothing but trouble and advised against it
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