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  1. I sent an eBay parcel out via Hermes using Parcel2GO, which unfortunately I was stupid enough not to insure. After being collected by the courier, it didn't even make its way to the depot, and has been missing ever since. I've just had to refund the person who purchased the item in question for £200, and suspect there will be even further cost because of the sale fees imposed by eBay. I haven't contacted P2G or Hermes yet any further than finding out that the item has gone missing, and I'm wondering if there is any point in me doing so, in order to claim any costs? Are
  2. Reinstated on a first written warning. Very lucky indeed... Lessons learned and all time to move forward.
  3. Will add something along these lines however seems I will need to shift my case around, hearing on 20th October. R eviewed all preliminary interview statements today and can confirm I admitted to bringing it in as "I just intended to have a smoke on the way home from work".
  4. My only other question is would I be allowed to take a written/typed pre prepared statement to my hearing? I have re thought my case and this is it... There isn't much else I can do really. In the meantime I guess the best I can do is apply for new means of employment thanks
  5. As I'd already said, if it was something I had to do, then so be it, I don't care that much about smoking, it's something I do on an occasional basis and can stop and start as I wish (I have done so), just like some people occasionally enjoy going out on a Friday/Saturday night, getting hammered then showing up to work the next morning absolutely paralytic.
  6. If required to do so, I would have no problem with this. I was in the wrong and have admitted my guilt, so I am willing to do whatever is required to resolve the issue at hand.
  7. Ok. The trouble is that my employer already knows from the preliminary interview that I had rolled it on the morning before work, and I'm not sure/can't remember if I said that I had the intention to smoke it when I left, but if this is the case, surely this would mean I can't exactly change things around to make it more accidental because evidence suggesting otherwise is there to some degree? As far as I can recall reading at some point in the past, I have right of access to the preliminary interview statement and statements made my other persons before attending my disciplinary, right?
  8. Ok, so here is full notes I have quickly typed up, of course I will probably change things and add/remove things as I think about it more. While at home on Wednesday morning, 08/10/2014, I prepared a joint (a cigarette type article containing a small amount of ground herbal cannabis and tobacco). I did not intend to smoke it at this point in time as I knew I had work a few hours later and did not want to turn up unfit through drugs, and subsequently left it inside my rucksack to be used when convenient and forgotten about it. Later on the same day, I arrived for and worked my shift as usu
  9. I don't drive so no concerns regarding the operation of a motor vehicle (even if I did drive, I'm not irresponsible enough to do such a thing) under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I cycled around half a mile to the nearest train station.
  10. Thank you for your reply, I will go over this a few times and have a think about what I will put into my case, since the minute I seen my manager peer through the doors I have been kicking myself over the whole situation as I knew something could possibly come of it. Not something I would be doing ever again. I've been working for my employer for two years, no records of official disciplinary action previously, just a verbal telling off once quite a while back, I would guess that I am seen as rather reliable. Confirmation letter from HR received today. Will be working on my case over the
  11. Hi Emmzzi, Could I ask you to elaborate a little please? The way I am looking at my actions is that it is not something typical of me, I am usually very responsible and reliable and done something stupid without thinking. Hence why I think out of character. Or would this look bad because I have taken steps towards concealing said article? Thank you
  12. So today, I was pulled aside in work for an informal meeting regarding alleged misconduct, some notes were taken in regards to the incident and I was told that I would be updated as soon as possible - Two hours later, I was pulled aside again and informed that I would be suspended with pay, HR would be in contact via mail with full details, and I would be invited to attend a formal meeting. Alleged misconduct; It has been alleged that I was in possession of illegal drugs in the workplace, nothing was said about the use of said substance (herbal cannabis). After work, I had changed in
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