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  1. DX - Yes they are (didn't know it was called that) I have been sent the forms but want any relevant advice before I fill them out.
  2. Hi guys. I am hoping for advice on claiming on my credit card for a recent problem I have had. The story is: A few months ago we purchased airline tickets, online for a return trip to New York from Heathrow and a one way flight from Heathrow to Oslo. This was a set price deal, hence why the 3rd flight was one way. As we were leaving New York to return to Heathrow we decided not to visit Oslo. Out of courtesy we let the airline (Virgin) staff know. They said there would be a small fee in order to remove our bags from the plane at Heathrow. I appreciate this alt
  3. Hi Carling, do you mind me asking what happened in your case against HSBC last year? I have an identical situation right now, where they have offered me nearly £4000 with no details or breakdown. My original letter of complaint requested £8000 including compound interest over the last 11 years. I look forward to any info or advice you may have for me. Thanks, Damon.
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