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  1. Hi mariner51 thanks for taking time to reply. with regards to "You agreed to and actually paid £950 from Oct so this is your new rent payable from Oct." is this the law or just your personal feelings? thanks again
  2. hi thanks for viewing, I need a legal minded person to answer the following issue I have with the landlord/letting agent; prior to October we have had loads of issues with the house we are renting (but love the area before its question why we do not leave!). Over time we have been without : hot water for 7 days and 11 days on separate occasions Been without a shower 8 days and 12 days on separate occasions Without Electrics upstairs for 12 days when we moved in easy to say I know but there have been a large number of issues but we just got on with it. Even though there were a number of things still to be sorted the LL/LA wanted to raise the rent £50 (from October 2015). I agreed but received a Tenancy Agreement that was full of spelling mistakes and had burn marks in it (I kid you not). I asked LA if it was ok in this state and they said it was. then on a routine gas inspection(end of September) there was significant high CO2 levels and the boiler was condemned. We were without hot water for a further 16 days. On a visit the LA agreed there was a number of things that needed doing and arranged for a handyman to sort, but he didnt arrive for another month and when he did he caused water to gush through the ceiling and destroy property, leave carpets muddy, charge his phone in our socket without permission, flick cigarettes in the garden and worst of all left the water pressure too low which caused the wife to get scalded in the shower (water temperature was recorded at 50 degrees). He left a hole in the ceiling which the LA said he would contact us to come back to repair. There was no apology at any time and no contact at all for 2 weeks - my boss is a trainee lawyer and seems to believe they have breached contract. Subsequently we handed our notice in to leave on 9th January but my son required a severe operation and property prices were ridiculous so we withdrew the request. My question is do I owe rent on £950 or £900 as from October? The LA has said I am on a Period Tenancy plus I havent signed a contract. In an email the LA said, " If a new agreement is not signed at the renewal stage, it does ‘roll on’ and become periodic, however your Landlord is still able to increase the rent during a periodic tenancy and your email communications confirm your commitment to renew the tenancy and pay the increase as of 9th October 2015. In addition to this, you have amended your standing order to reflect the increased rent from the renewal date." (I have paid October and November as £950, which if it is a Periodic Tenancy would/should have been £900 - or am I wrong?)
  3. i think (in hindsight) if i had sent the information through in october and told them i was moving and didnt require hb anymore there wouldnt be an issue.
  4. it was a while back but the overpayment was due to not providing the information in october, so any period afterwards wasnt relevant - i moved from one council to another one
  5. using the current online hb calculator that that council offers with the information we had at the time it still generates the same outcome ie we qualified for benefits
  6. hi, back in 2010 we qualified for and claimed housing benefit. In October of the same year we had to move from one borough to another because we needed to be close to a relative who required care. At the same time we received a renewal form for HB and due to us leaving I did not renew, thinking we wouldnt require it and it would be cancelled. Within a couple of months the council had sent a letter saying we now owed over £4500 in HB (because the renewal form had not been returned). i tried to explain the situation (ie thinking the claim would be cancelled - something i planned to do but they would not listen.) how do i go about rectifying this? thanks in advance for any help offered!
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