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  1. The wall collapsed towards the neighbours side in the strong winds last year. The soil level on our side is higher around the tree than on the neighbours side, they did put in a path a while ago, which lowered the soil level on their side at the part next to the tree. It was quite high, but now we have to make space for the tree roots, that will have to change it. Yes we do have a planning ref no. Thanks for the continuing advice, it helps to see more clearly. Steph
  2. Yes, we have made two applications, one listed building consent and one ordinary planning. We received an email telling us that we don't need listed building consent, as the wall was not listed. This is confusing because when the conservation officer visited (at the request of the neighbour during the tree fiasco) she said that we must rebuild the wall using bricks and mortar identical to the original. This will escalate the cost. Now we dont need listed building consent, so are we free to do as we wish? we have had no email from the conservation officer at all, during this recent saga. Is the
  3. Thanks for the full response. Yes the tree is on our property, and we know it has a tpo, that is why we got the arboriculturalists report on it. Legally bound. Our closest neighbour and we share a driveway which leads onto a road. To be clear, we live on the corner of two roads. Our house used to have an orchard which stretched away behind the house. The previous owner sold it to a developer and we have a small garden and a shared drive onto the road to our right. To our left our wall stretches along from the end of our garage to the beginning of the wall beside our closest neigh
  4. Hello I am new here, and trying to work out how to go about rebuilding a garden wall that was blown down last winter. Finally managed to get a straight answer from my local city council about what plans they need, but a design and access statement? Who from? I have read the guidelines but they seem rather excessive as they refer to developments and changes to buildings which this is not. Yes, we live in a conservation area, the house is listed, but the wall is not. So we do not need listed building planning for it, or so we are told by the city council, having been previously told
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