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  1. I paid the Claims company to do the original appeal to POPLA for a fraction of the price of the parking charge. I believed the appeal would lose. Quite frankly, for the fee involved, it wasn't worth my time to put together the level of documents the company provided to POPLA. The parking company didn't respond to the POPLA appeal, hence i won that by default. Had i appealed on my own, i quite possibly would have lost the appeal as technically i was at fault for not displaying a permit, but i was parking in my own allocated parking space so appealed to the parking company to show
  2. Sorry, thought it might help people to know this company did what they said they would.
  3. Hi, did that, the claims company spoke to them and said the ticket is cancelled and to let them know if get anything else. The fee is definitely worth it for no hassle imho.
  4. Hi all, When i first got parking charge back in April, i found this site and made use of a company set up to help people with their Parking ticket claims They were very fast to respond and very helpful. I had already appealed to the parking company but they just rejected it and said I could appeal to POPLA but really not worth my time. They did not supply POPLA code. The Claims company contacted them for code but appeal lost due to out of date code - dealt with it, Claims Company got a new code and re-submitted appeal which won. Yay!, all dealt with. Except now, the parking co
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