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  1. Just been given this link by dx it seems that no matter how incorrect their documentation is they seem to have judges on their side the Ramjet thread shows similar disregard for the law, from what I understand (LINK to Thread) is there nothing that can be done? Luckily for me I am not that far down the path, but I am at a loss on how to proceed should action be taken. Best of luck with everything Karma14, hope at least you get manageable payments.
  2. well I shall await their response, they do seem quite aggressive, in contrast to my other creditors. Would it be advisable to go for full disclosure of documentation from them now or only if they are pursuing further action?
  3. That is what I have provided I have seen on these very forums how loosely they handle personal data, and mine will remain confidential until ordered otherwise by the proper authorities. I was initially under the impression they were just a DCA but their letters do indicate they are acting on behalf of their client NW.
  4. Hi Brigadier Many thanks for posting my initial response was exactly that, I stated my situation was the same, and I would continue to pay the monthly amount. Their response was that without a I&E they could not assess my financial situation and if I didn't complete one before a set deadline they would issue court proceedings. Their I&E form does ask a lot of questions that other DCA's don't ask, and as far as I know they are acting for NW directly. I am also a little confused, some advice says that DCA's etc won't go to court if you're making regular payments, ot
  5. I handled all the payments myself, looking back CCCS only handled my personal debt, the business closed after I started having problems. The CCCS material Shoes will have received will be the initial Income and Expenditure, which has CCCS logos and details with it. NW got Shoes involved very quickly, so there wasn't time to set up my own payments or an account to pay into since they closed the business account. Reading through other threads, its not looking like I have much choice with the PA and the Legal Waiver.
  6. Interesting stuff because there are lots of threads showing shoes as NW's solicitors, so would they not be instructed to recover? crossing fingers there is somewhere I can go on this, my situation is very similar to the link you shared dx.
  7. Hi dx Yes unsecured, there were two forms to sign, one with the guarantee stating legal advice is recommended, and another that was a legal waiver. will now get down to reading your link Cheers
  8. Hi dx I don't understand what you mean, they have shoes acting as their agents with all correspondence going through them, why would I try to contact NW? Thanks again for your continuing assistance. Cheers 99
  9. NW are Shoes client, shoes are collecting the money though, but they state they are acting as the solicitor and as we have seen from other threads, Shoes are only too happy to go to court whether they have enough evidence or not. Ramjet springs to mind.
  10. Hi back again I have gone through a mountain of documentation, it looks like they have two gurarntees they are claiming on, these were introduced on a loan and an overdraft for the company. Oddly this debt does not appear on my credit report. I am going to have to issue an income and expenditure report, as there is a time limit on that. This has not yet gone to court as an agreement was reached through CCCS but they seem to be wanting more. I have done a fair bit of searching on the site and would like to know exactly what details I must provide on an income and expe
  11. It was a limited company when taking the loan the bank made me sign a guarantee form which they produced again when claiming the money owing from me personally. I will have to dig out all the original documentation for accuracy but thinking back this covered mostly a loan, some overdraft and a chargecard.
  12. Hi guys Many thanks for your quick response dx, the debt is a claim on a personal guarantee from a business loan/overdraft, which was stuck to a personal bank account (everything was with Natwest)
  13. Hi everyone Long time lurker, have successfully used advice from these forums in the past, so a big thank you to everyone taking time out of their busy lives to help all of us who are unfamiliar with how to deal with such agencies. Back in 2010 I fell into debt due to a business failure. I have a few creditors and all but one have been very reasonable. Following advice from the then CCCS I entered into agreed payment arrangements with my creditors and this has been working fine for both parties involved. I recently received a letter from Shoosmiths with regard to
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