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  1. me and my partner moved into our flat on the 16th sept after previous viewing we thought a lick of paint and it will be nice. But a couple weeks in the issues mounted up, theres a severe damp issue in the bathroom which is covered with black mould, the floor support beams under the bathroom have very bad dry rot(a builder has told us to be careful as he thinks it will collapse, that mixed with the noises it started making scares us alot). The flat was advertised with central heating and doesnt have it fitted so we had to buy our own electric heaters and they dont give off enough heat so we are frozen. In the basement there was a bad water leak, our basement has 2 smaller rooms within it and i had to dig a massive amount of rubble(bricks, mud, coal etc) from one of the rooms to find the leak. We cant get our rubbish out because our gates blocked shut by a huge mound of mud which we was told would be gone by the time we move in. We went 2 weeks without hot water when we first moved in. And we got broken in to a couple weeks ago due to the seal that locks the window in place was outside where thieves can easily remove it and easily lift the window pane out. Environmental health are involved and gave them untill the 29th(monday coming) to do the repairs and she hasnt even started them. As we are struggling to make ends meet at the minute and we have no money for xmas, im concidering not paying the rent. If i do this do i put us in a bad situation for taking them to court? I ask as environmental health already told me if they havent been done then legal action will be taken
  2. not needed for the time being, feel free to delete... may post back if needed.
  3. ok thanks man, will have a look round and see what i cansee, thanks again
  4. im 21 now, and it was definately after i left school, so not 6 years yet... how do i go about claiming it all back??? im useless when it comes to all this kind of thing.
  5. i read so far(to the paragraph after the argument) and the exact same thing happened to me, but i wasnt sure if the charges were unlawfull, i managed to make sum small payments but with bgoing in and out of temp jobs lately its been hard paying everything and im now being threatened with legal actions despite writing to them and explaining on the phone my current situation(barclaycard directly not the debt collectors). im useless when it comes to the legal side of banking e.t.c so i honestly have had no idea what to do and im now in a majour pickle that i simply dont have the money to get out of. can anybody give any advice???
  6. this happened a few years ago now, but this really p**sed me off. i had my card account for having my wage paid into, but i also had a savings account with them and when i was working at the time i made an arrangement with them to transfer £10 weekly into my savings account which they did, and everything was fine and dandy. after a few months of this, i left my job, and phoned up to cancel the transfer as id have no wage going in, then a few weeks later i get a letter saying that i had no money to transfer so because of the failed attempt(or it could have been they took me into overdraft) im being charged £30 for each time, i phoned up again and the woman refunded me only £30 and then said it was cancelled once again so no more transfer attempts will be made. about 5 weeks later, i get another letter exactly like the previous one, after my first enitial cancelation of the transfer it took me 6 phone calls(which i dont think are free and are quite expensive) and eventually go into the bank and speak to a manager who then said, it isnt their fault and no money will be refunded because i took the £10's theyd put in out of my savings account(which i needed to live because of all these charges they kept giving me was taking all my money up) and that it is now cancelled. but that never helped the fact they robbed me of several hundred pounds id say it would all add up to. and recently, i had to fall back on using that account for a bill to be taken out monthly, and i had not agreed to an overdraft and they said if the money isnt there nothing can be taken out. and i was due to cancel this account, and forgetting to inform the company the bill was for of my new account details with the new bank they tried to take the money out and halifax allowed them to take it out, take me into overdraft and then charge me an arm and a leg for it. the second one is my fault because i didnt inform the new details to the company, but still halifax should not have allowed me to go overdrawn if that was the agreement.
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