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  1. As an update on this to help anybody in similar situations. I did apply and received correspondence back to say this had been granted but after checking my credit report the ccj was still there. I contacted Northampton county court and they said that it had not been set aside but stayed as per the terms of the tomlin order. They are reviewing the paper worrk to see if they missed the part of the tomlin order schedule which requested it be set aside. So not much progress and still ongoing - I am considering getting legal advice as I feel like it just keeps getting wo
  2. I will still provide an explanation in my witness statement, the university were willing to provide written confirmation that the consent was still valid so I will continue with this and submit the application. I will not know what the outcome will be until i submit so that is the risk I am prepared to take because that was issued as part of an admitted admin error
  3. i'M SORRY BUT I am really sturggling to use this template to draft my own consent order which explans that we already agreed to set aside by consent. the judgement was entered due to a misunderstanding and that all debts were satisfied would this work below: BY CONSENT IT IS ORDERED THAT : 1. Judgement entered against the defendant in default on the XX October 2014 arose from a misunderstanding about the details of a payment plan agreed by the claimant and the defendant 2. The claimant consented to the judgement being set aside in a consent order dated 17 December 2014 3. Al
  4. thanks for replying andyorch - please can you help me with drafting a consent order which explains the misunderstanding
  5. OK thanks for calming me. i have already paid some of these off as I started panicking. Another member on here is helping me to draft a consent order that explains the misunderstanding potentially on monday, i have hear some people say that the n244 form is either 100 or 255 what dictates what the price
  6. I have just reread documents and I may only have till february (by which my CCJ may not of been removed) i am going to have to grit and bear it - i know i may be throwing money away but the impact this could have on me beginning my career is not really helping my anxiety. I would rather pay the debts off and if CCJ gets aside then there is no problem but if it doesnt at least all the debts have had time to be marked as settled. I know I have grounds for getting it side but the issue for my case is promptness i.e. the delay of two years before making that application. i
  7. I wish to start paying these of and still apply to get the ccj removed- I realise this is the mose expensive option but i am having sleepless nights about this. Is it a case of simply paying by card?
  8. Please could you assist me with drafting a new consent order with an explanation of the misunderstanding
  9. plese can you assist me in drafting a consent order on terms that the university would be ok with I.e not admiring too much liability on their part
  10. Is it worth the university clarify that a misunderstanding led to the judgment being entered or are they ok to just confirm that they consent to this?
  11. How do I request this from the university, I think that if possible would be the strongest solution for getting this resolved. I am just not sure if this is something they will engage with They have already gone silent since I requested a header letter confirming email correspondence
  12. From the sounds of it I think this may be the case, how do I explain this to them if so
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