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  1. thanks pal it just seems unfair! thancks mate tryg to sort it the now lol
  2. yes. in scotland that is trespassing and also look into aggressive trespassing. they have zero rght to trespass on yer land. i hope they trespass on my land! blooming lamb worriers!!!! BANG! call the cops girl
  3. thx leigh - what is a "standing" charge? i have always had ppl that dealt with that sortof thing. im kinda new to it all i.e. dealing wth bills and stufff. sorry maybe im in the wrong forum sorry
  4. apologies if that message was somewhat "garbled" i am autistic and have severe depression, PTSD and gulf war syndrome. im just looking for some advice that i cant fnd on google or elsewhere. thanks folks.
  5. hi everyone! i havent bought credit for my gas meter for about 2 years and have had no hot water or heating and the housing company (sanctuary) capped said meter because of this. strangely i now, according to the credit balance thingy on the meter it says i owe them 212 quid. just wondering what this 212 quid is for since i havent used the thing. could anyone explain why and where these charges have came from? the reason i havent topped the gas meter up is cos i couldnt afford it in the first place. i kept topping it but they kept deducting money and one day i walked for miles for a fiver top up and the damn thing took the whole fiver and i was left totally scunnered. no gas at all. i have heard from some other folks that there is a charge for simply "having the meter" - seems out of order to me! £212 . for nothing! any of you guys explain this to me? thanks folks! thanks again folks !
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