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  1. Thank you for your reply . Unfortunately we dont have a copy of the ccj , it is on his credit file , it doesn't say who gave him the ccj , but it has the same claim number as the recent court letter , on the court letter it states creditor as welcome finance Ltd Kingston house. We had car finance from them to. I will send off the sar off today Thank you
  2. Hi can someone please give me some advice please ? My husband took out a personal loan with welcome finance in 2008, he lost his job and fell behind with his payments, welcome closed our local branch , we hadnt heard anything from them until 2 weeks ago . There was a knock on the door , my husband was handed a letter from the court . The letter's title is SUSPENDED COMMITTAL ORDER FOR DISOBEDIENCE (order to attend court for questioning) it goes on to say he was orderd to attend court on 8 January 2014 , the order was served on 29 November 2013 , you d
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