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  1. For information, I saw a link on this site for an article citing a UK Supreme Court decision in Oct 2012 relating to foreign insolvency judgements and wanted to see if there had been any changes since then. I haven't been able to find anything as yet, however located a page, dated May 2013, which listed information and implications of the 2012 decision. I'm not able to post the link as I'm a newbie, but of interest is the following summary contained within: "The judgment in Rubin makes it clear that if an English defendant takes no part in proceedings in foreign courts—be they bankruptcy
  2. Thank you, that would be very much appreciated. I would think they all sold. There was decent equity in two of the properties, so even if they sold the property in question at a lower than market price they would've covered it. The amount owing is more than that house was worth though.
  3. Yes, I did see that has happened to others. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
  4. That is something I'm more comfortable with at this stage, but I'm happy to defer to the advice given if it might be more successful. I've read a lot of sound, logical advice on the threads here from those of you who have replied. The only difference now is that it is me, and I'm pretty scared right now.
  5. Thank you. I have no issue providing them with the income/mental health proof, although I would prefer to keep my employer out of it. Just in relation to your previous reply recommending to threaten police involvement etc if they continue harassment, this is the first letter I've had from anyone for over 18months at least, and I've had no calls or people turning up on the doorstep. I'm concerned making such a threat might seem aggressive and might bait them into becoming more aggressive in turn, precipitating any further action. I do understand that they might realise they can't get blood from
  6. Thank you both. I did read the whole of that thread in the wee hours last night, which prompted my post. I would like to do all I can to avoid the lengthy battle she had, but there is the issue that my debts far exceed those of a credit card. I'll draft a letter to them and hopefully it helps. And apologies for the length of my initial post. I only just noticed how big it is!
  7. Hi there, Please note I offer the following detail both to avoid negative comments or judgement about deliberately skipping debt, and to also give sufficient information in the hopes of getting directions on which way to proceed. I have dual Australian/UK citizenship and now reside in England after leaving Australia under a big black cloud two and a half years ago. I owned several properties in Australia, but had a severe mental breakdown following some significant personal events. I fell completely behind in life as a whole and was unable to deal with anything, including my fina
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