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  1. Hi again all. Thinking of looking in to this again - is there a time limit on when you can file a MCOL against someone? This was, I think, back in 2017 but I now have a slight bit of time and want to get back on it.
  2. Just brilliant!!! In reply - it was a letter through the post.
  3. Update: it’s 25 miles away from where I live but I just happen to be passing there tomorrow. Any other photos I need to take whilst I’m there, such as wider area, etc?
  4. Brilliant stuff, thank you. Just to clarify, then you say ‘get them to take pictures’, you and obviously mean my friend to take pictures of the sign?
  5. I emailed the following email three times to SCS this week. Hi xxxx Not sure if you got my email but before I come in, I sure would appreciate you replying to my questions? Thank you for the sales documents. A couple of questions (I have attached scans along with relevant parts highlighted in red): 1. There is writing that says something like ''self stitched' - please can you confirm what this means? 2. Also, something that looks like 'Patch natural scatter' - please can you confirm what this means? 3. You will see that I have underlined a part that states 'given it is a special order being made just for you' - please can I ask what this means? This is not a bespoke product so I hope this does not preclude our right to return if we are unhappy (which I'm sure will not be the case) 4. There is no mention of a returns policy on the contract? Hope to hear from you soon on this, xxxx This first email got reply of 'xxxx will reply to your questions when he returns. Nothing from the next three emails. Hmmmm..... 1 - Copy.pdf 2 - Copy.pdf
  6. Hi there. Thank you for that, I have today received the contract from 'SCS' following my payment of deposit over the phone. Funnily enough, it does include the line 'given it is a special order being made just for you'. I'm guessing this is what you mean? Also see the 'patch natural scatter' and 'self stitched' that we didn't ask for?
  7. Hi all. I went to my local (45 mins away) SCS store to look at a sofa and chair on Friday. A long story cut short is that I managed to get a good discount over the phone this morning and paid £1000 of the £1750 total. However, the guy on the phone was insisting that I need to go in to the store to sign the documents within 7 days. I am concerned that the distance selling element will not apply if I go and sign. Would this be a valid concern, please? Their website states: This Cancellation and Returns Policy only applies if you made your purchase with ScS online, over the telephone and via our website. If you have placed your order in one of our stores, please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the reverse of your order form. At ScS, we understand circumstances can change and that you may need to cancel your order or return a product you have purchased from us. Whatever your reason, as with any purchase, your order with ScS is a legal agreement. This applies to any orders that may need to be cancelled, and products already delivered that may need to be returned.
  8. Hi all. My wife bought a 2013 Hyundai i3 earlier this year and it's 5 year Hyundai guarantee runs until 1/5/2018. The car has developed a few clutch issues and the dealer we bought it from says to contact the nearest Hyundai dealer to address this. Anyone had any issues with Hyundai before?
  9. Just to check - the sofa we are after is not the colour of the sofa in store (but they do sell the colour we want) so where would we stand if it arrives and it's not the shade of colour that they promised?
  10. Hi all, A 78 year old good friend was due to fly back home to Austin, Texas, via Houston on Wednesday. Singapore airlines would take him to Houston and then United were due to take him to Austin. His flight were cancelled so I contacted Singapore and they agreed to pay for BA flights tomorrow from Manchester to London and then on to Austin, which is great. However, they have refused to reimburse him for his accommodation and food costs. Is this correct, please?
  11. Hi, Apologies if this is a silly question but my wife and I are thinking about buying a sofa and like the idea of buying online because of the distance selling rights of being able to send it back if it turns out to be unsuitable. Please can I ask if buying in store and then having the goods delivered is classed as distance selling or am I really embarrassing myself here?
  12. Thank you for this. My friend has met resistance from the garage - does anyone know the contact details of Peugeot's Press office?
  13. It's the 1.6 HDI and has done 20,000 miles. Unsure of which variant though - it seems that there's three different variations, each with a different hp.
  14. Peugeot 2008 (that's the model, not the year) Allure, year: 2015. I'll find out the mileage....
  15. After a chat to my friend today, he tells me that the performance with four people in the car is awful when he was told that this would be fine.
  16. Interesting stuff off the Which site: If something you buy is not as described, or the seller is guilty of misrepresentation, you're entitled to: give the second-hand car back and get your money back ask for compensation if you want to keep the car (usually the cost of any repairs it needs).
  17. If the performance of the car is especially poor when carrying 3 passengers but was told that it would be fine, does this count as mis-selling?
  18. I guess the definition of 'faulty' is the key.
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