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  1. Just an update, I requested they return the credit balance on my account to me and they duly raised 2 cheques in error. Whilst I called immediately to let them know I've just received a statement showing both cheques and interest on the negative balance they created!!! Given the general level of incompetence I experienced when dealing with them - letters sent to the wrong address, cheques sent to both my previous and current address - I informed them when I told them about the cheques that I would not be entering into any further discussion with them regarding their mistakes, can't wait for
  2. I got a full refund once the LBA was sent as a "goodwill gesture". Write back rejecting the offer as a full and final settlement and inform them of your intention to file a claim against them on your deadline, you might also want to remind them that if they don't make a full offer before the deadline they will incur interest and court fees. Offering half is a new tactic for some banks apparently.
  3. I'm wrong here, the following judgment in the European Court of Justice (Case C-344/04, judgment 10 January 2006) states Hadn't heard about this judgement until louison pointed it out.
  4. Gosh, 9 hours and no answer to your query in the wrong forum on a free website run by volunteers and for the most part laypersons. I'd stamp my feet and threaten to sue them if I were you, or you could ask on the Bank Action Group forum
  5. I think this is more of a VAT dodge as the company that the x.x% goes to is always "retailers finanance company ltd", under EU regs banking charges are VAT exempt so the retailer parent company only pays 97.5% VAT to the government. I thought this practice had been stopped but maybe not.
  6. Actually it does, have you read it? "Aircraft breakdown" is a technical problem which prevents the safe despatch of the aircraft - a flight safety shortcoming. "Bad Weather" - meterological conditions incompatible with the operation of the flight concerned. Crew shortage is a circumstance that would be covered as this would be down to the operator. I agree that the carriers are being negligent in informing passengers of their rights under the act.
  7. The section of the EU directive quoted is misleading and since the delay was due to "technical difficulties" you are not entitled to anything under its' provisions. If we assumed for a moment that the delay was caused by a situation that was covered by the directive then you would be entitled to the following: meals and refreshments in a reasonable relation to the waiting time, two telephone calls, telex or fax messages, or e-mails (free of charge) and the offer of a full refund if the flight no longer serves a purpose to you. I believe that the transport referred to in the quo
  8. Have a look at the relevent sections in the Bank Action Group forums but I recall that the discharge fees are a charge for a service rather than a penalty. If you have closed a tied-in mortgage and have paid an early redemption fee then you may have a claim that the ERF is a penalty depending on how it is applied, again - more info available in the relevent forum.
  9. Does relying on this particular piece of case-law in their defence not mean that they are accepting that a breach of contract took place?
  10. Um, you can't have searched too hard!! Admittedly mine was not a loan and the amount was no way near your claim but I got a "goodwill" refund to my closed credit card account after an LBA.
  11. This is why Easyjet weren't exactly quaking in their boots when you mentioned the AUTC: There is the following Memorandum on the CAA website but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting to get this resolved http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/148/DBC%20MOU%20-%2016%20February%202005.pdf For future reference, depending on your chosen carrier, you may have to force the EC regulation 261/2004 down their throats.
  12. And who would that be? Were you informed of the reason for the delay and whether or not the EU denied boarding compensation was applicable?
  13. Generally, the police will have been called as passengers due to be flying on this service were harrassing, intimidating or threatening the staff of the airline's handling agent.
  14. If you don't feel you can control your useage of your contract mobile then I would suggest moving over to Pay as you Talk.
  15. stephane, I would suggest you look in the Lloyds TSB forum - there you can read about everyone who has issued a claim against Lloyds, received a defense and received a settlement.
  16. I don't think they do. If I recall correctly from my days in retail the contract of sale between you and the shop only forms when you go to buy the item - the cashier tells you how much it is (offer to sell) and you hand over the money (offer to buy). Interestingly, putting something on a shelf with a price on it is not an offer to sell. Once the contract is agreed, the Sale of Goods and Services Act applies. If you feel they are being deliberately misleading in their advertising then you can complain to trading standards but there is no compulsion, other than good will, for them to sell any
  17. I don't know what dates you were missing but I didn't send the court or Lloyds solicitors details of the unlawful charges until the allocation questionaire stage.
  18. Letter received from Sainsburys yesterday - as a goodwill gesture they are refunding the £90 of charges to my account.
  19. Letter from Lloyds solicitors received after Allocation Questionaire was returned, accompanied by a conditional settlement letter which I have not reproduced(amend the conditions as you see fit).
  20. Before you all go off getting insulted about TBeckett's comments, I read them as saying do not use a missold endowment recovery company as all they are doing is charging to send a stock FSA letter. To be honest I'm struggling to see how you guys could possibly read it as being directed at you!!
  21. I changed the terms of their settlement offer, one of the conditions I insisted on was that the money was to be paid within 7 days, they complied.
  22. DPA Request sent 28th April, full set of statements received within 2 weeks. Refund request for £90.00 sent 16 June following the forum template. Reply received today: LBA sent today!!
  23. If you'd ever had to open an airliner door or remove a plug type overwing exit you'd be surprised what those small, petite, untoned people can move given the right motivation.
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