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  1. In that case I apologise, I thought you meant the South Terminal BP/McDonalds.
  2. Did you return the logbook to the DVLA when you sold the car?
  3. If your husband claims he didn't see the signs at the garage and adjacent McDonalds he should pop down the opticians. They are huge, (about 2-3 feet high) and there are lots of them mounted in prominent places around both the garage forecourt and the parking areas. That said if he follows the advice on these forums regarding parking penalty charges on private land he may be able to avoid paying the charge.
  4. I think this is a touch unfair. Would you say the same of Bayer for charging a fortune for MRI scanners, centrifuges and other lab equipment? Or of Glaxo-Smithkline for the outrageous cost of drugs? Or Balfour Beatty for the scandalous PFI charges you will have to pay out of your taxes for the next 50 years? Face it, the NHS is a giant money making machine for all the companies supplying it, being a parking contractor is no different - you are simply being directly taxed for parking at your hospital rather than having the government take it off you and give it to the NHS's suppliers.
  5. As a cautionary note and I'm not a lawyer either - you are giving notice of termination of the contract you are not in breach of it, so the question of penalties and liquidated losses may not be applicable. As you have to give 3 months notice rather than having 3 months worth of fees charged this might not be seen as penalty either (although you could argue that it is masking the penalty), you presumably have full access to the gym during the 3 months. You could argue that the 3 month term is not in accordance with the UTCRRs in that they are being unjustly enriched by insisting on this
  6. I'm with the Lloyds and travel extensively as part of my job, they've yet to stop a cash withdrawl even when I managed to withdraw cash from Singapore, Perth and Singapore again in 24 hours! On that trip 2 of my collegues had problems with their banks blocking their cards. I use the Nationwide now when abroad (they don't charge handling fees) and they seem OK as well.
  7. I must be missing something here. What is underhand about it? How is it not in your interest to avoid the hassle of having to send the same receipt to 5 different people so they can change the jumper you bought them. Legally a store has no obligation towards the recipient of one of your gifts, offering store receipts to allow a third party to make an exchange is a significant improvement over the statutory rights of the consumer. Presumably store vouchers are a con/underhand as well because they only allow a recipient to spend money in one chain.
  8. It's not a con though is it. Since the recipient of the gift never actually had a contract with the shop you bought the goods from one could argue that the shops are being generous in extending parts of your statutory rights to a third party. It also prevents teenage relatives getting cash refunds so they can spend the money on cigarettes
  9. I believe this could be a tautology. Anyway, have you booked a return flight?
  10. Being an avid reader of Private Eye's "Rotten Boroughs" column (thats enough advertising - Ed) it is not unknown for local developers to have friends on council planning committees who go out of their way to help their wealthy mates.
  11. Non-payment, deductions and payslips : Directgov - Employment http://www.dti.gov.uk/employment/employment-legislation/employment-guidance/page16161.html#Circumstances_in_which_deductions_are_lawful
  12. I'm left wondering why some people in this country have become so politically correct that they can't recognise a bit of harmless invective when they see it.
  13. It probably means that the vehicle was untaxed and on a public road.
  14. Blimey! I live in a 3 bed Terrace and I pay £15 per month to EDF. At the end of 12 months I was in credit by £50 (based on meter readings)! Didn't stop them trying to raise my payment to £19 per month thought
  15. A friend of mine works for a council and he tells me there is nothing that council officers hate more than councilors asking questions about their department. Write to your councilor and chief exec of your council, attend council and community meetings where they will be present and ask them directly what they are doing to help you.
  16. My understanding is that no Act of Parliament covers an action to recover liquidated damages as it is a general point of law. Claiming for your telephone bill as a result of their actions is a claim for damages.
  17. Get an account with the Nationwide as they don't charge for cash withdrawls or use of debit cards abroad whilst still giving a competitive exchange rate.
  18. I doubt PC Corris exists, I would say that his name has been made up and used to give the original email extra gravitas.
  19. If S James is the same poster as S J (similar lexical style and points of view) then he actually agrees that 28 days is a reasonable period of time here
  20. Welcome to the open European skies. You may be able to apply the UTCC regs afterall - from the BBC
  21. But as a contract with Ryanair is probably going to be conducted under Irish Law how do you propose to enforce English law on it? If you bought a toaster online from Spain and it broke down would you try to enforce the SOGAS against the Spanish shop you bought it from?
  22. I don't know how long ago you chaps parked up at BP/McDonalds at LGW South but last week there were huge yellow signs hanging from every lamppost decreeing the "max stay X and no return within Y" policy along with the charges (I can't remember exactly what they said). Guess they've taken the DVLAs advice on signage then.
  23. If you paid by credit card then contact them, let them know and ask them to refund your money.
  24. I'm no expert on such matters but I would have thought you'd find it difficult to enforce an English Regulation on an Irish company.
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