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  1. It is part of their terms and conditions to charge the difference in the fares Spooky. jet2 use E-tickets so there is no changing and reissuing of flight tickets, the flight manifest is generated from the passenger list and after the gate closes where it is carried the rest of the things you mention don't apply to a seat-only airline.
  2. You might not be a known shoplifter, in which case you are store security's worst nightmare - an unknown shoplifter. Probably why they followed you so closely, if you were a known shoplifter they may have backed off as the ones they know about tend to go in and draw security's attention whilst their mates run about other sections of the store nicking. You haven't been accused of anything and store security need a lot more than suspicion to take any action so play with them, I love setting the detectors off at the exit from shops as I leave with my paid for goods, I'm can't wait for the d
  3. If that is the case then you were probably reported to them as being suspicious by someone outside the store. When I worked in retail all the stores on the highstreet had a common radio frequency for reporting sightings of known shoplifters and general scrotes. If one was seen entering your store then it would be radioed to the security staff who would then try to make it clear to the individual or group concerned that they were not welcome by following them really closely. The HOF security staff I worked with fell into 2 groups, very good or utterly incompetent. The latter group inclu
  4. Regrettably I don't think you will get the answer you want from the AUC. A line on their website states that they have no power to force an airline to do anything with regard to the regulations (or something to that effect).
  5. And you're relying on someones interpretation of the regulations to form your opinions. If you want to read the actual wording of the regulations you can do so here Pay particular atttention to Articles 5,7,8 and 9 which are relevant here. I cannot believe that this flight was cancelled due to it being nearly empty due to the fact that it took 2 days for the OPs daughter to travel home unless the nature of the booking played a part. Newark is not some backwater country airstrip, there are many daily services to the UK and airlines regularly reroute stranded passengers on other carr
  6. Nowhere in Article 5 does it mention the passenger cancelling the flight, compensation is due in accordance with Article 7, I am not sure that a refund of the ticket is due though as presumably the OP's daughter accepted a reroute on a later flight.
  7. In the preamble to the regulations a an unexpected flight safety problem is mentioned as being an exceptional circumstance. Since a technical problem that grounds the aircraft away from base is generally unforseen and if it is serious enough to ground the aircraft then it is a safety problem such things do "just happen" to aircraft with no warning even with the best maintenance programs. Article 7 compensation is provided in the event of a cancellation only when extraordinary circumstances do not apply. Whether or not this is an example of an extraodinary circumstance would be for a jud
  8. What if they are disabled? Anyway, I'm sure you wouldn't in this case of course, because it took place on private land and any attempt to levy a "fine" would be unlawful.
  9. How is not travelling a breach of contract? There is no obligation to refund unless the contract allows for it. In the case of Easyjet they do not issue refunds of the ticket price for passenger cancellations.
  10. The issue of penalty charges vs liquidated losses is related to breaches of contract. To contest the charge on those grounds you would have to show that in being caught in a bus lane (or committing some other driving offence) you were in breach of your contract with the car hire company.
  11. After 0830 Uk time you get a different answer from the Lloyds. I phoned them back having spoken to Sky (who acknowledge their mistake and have already begun to credit my account with the difference). This time I spoke to a very helpful lady in the Payments department who said she could arrange an instant refund of the money, I asked why I had been told something different earlier and she explained that the original agent was mistaken but at the time I called that is to be expected - 24/7 banking only applies to checking your balance apparently. Since Sky are already refunding the money
  12. Seeking some reassurance and some ideas. I took out a Sky Digital and Multiroom subscription in July. In September I started to receive letters from Sky claiming I was in breach of my terms and conditions by not having my 2nd Sky box plugged into the telephone, it wasn't because I don't use the 2nd box at the moment (saving for a new TV). So I went and plugged it into the mains (requirement of T&Cs) and plugged it into the telephone line (another requirement). Got another letter in October saying I was still in breach for not having it plugged into the telephone line, thinks bubble app
  13. Here is the standard for an HD ready TV copied from Wikipedia The interesting point is that a device doesn't have to have been tested with any HD compliant device to be described as HD Ready.
  14. Plus the cost of either sending you a letter or employing a car park attendant to register your details and affix a request for payment. Probably better send a pound just to make sure...
  15. Sounds like a case of unjustified enrichment to me. Unfortunately in order to get Ryanair to agree you may have to get a judge to say so. Apparently the OFT's position is that it is for a court to decide whether these sort of administration charges are justified.
  16. Nothing you have signed or agreed to means that they are entitled in law to charge a penalty for a breach of contract. They are entitled to their liquidated losses and that's it.
  17. Don't try to imply that by pointing out that a nurse's paygrade will be the same as a parking attendant's I am in some way insulting them. The point I was making is that the removal of a hospital's own parking staff (some of them did have them) would provide some more nursing staff.
  18. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-wardens/34958-ticket-issued-bp-garage.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-wardens/41190-parking-shopping-centre.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-wardens/47349-parking-enforcement-agency-parkforce.html These should give you an idea what you need to do about this.
  19. Given that it was issued by a private company, potentially on private grounds it would be best to post the exact wording of your PCN, particularly if it makes reference to an act of Parliament.
  20. Except for providing a means for a hospital to offload the cost of running and enforcing a car parking system thereby increasing the amount of money available for patient care, for starters one parking attendent is at least the equivilent of a nurse in salary terms. Now the external company has to generate revenue from this car park somehow (or they will be shortlived) and charging for parking is the only way I can think of. The sensible ones will use barriers and walk-and-pay machines. Whether NHS hospital car parking is run by the hospitals themselves or by an external company there i
  21. From consumer direct advice on unsolicited goods You may advise the sender in writing that you don't want the goods and say where they can be collected. However, a consumer is under no obligation to do so. Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, it is a criminal offence to demand payment for unsolicited goods from a consumer. Any goods delivered can be kept, for free, by the consumer.
  22. Even the promise of something is a result for Ryanair
  23. Quite... Anyhow Well done for getting something out of Ryanair, actually even for getting through to their customer service line. Very strange that their website didn't work properly for you, the way I got the answer I gave was by running through two test bookings - a return and a single - the single gave a charge of £3.50 for 1 checked bag.
  24. You probably could get either all or some of the money back but you'd be better off asking in the Bank Action Group - Mortgages forum (scroll down a bit on the list of forums page).
  25. No reply from the OP so I am going to assume that they purchased a return ticket - as with most Ryanair charges you are charged per sector flown. On a return ticket there are 2 sectors therefore you pay the discounted charge of £3.50 twice which equals £7.00.
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