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  1. If being caught speeding was a grounds for raising a disciplinary for gross misconduct then, as the employer has deducted the fee from their wages so knows about it, the OP would already have gone through the process. If the employer had unlawfully deducted the fee from the OPs wages, this was challenged through a grievance and the employer subsequently raised a disciplinary for gross misconduct which resulted in the OPs dismissal I imagine that an employment tribunal wouldn't hesitate to find a case for unfair dismissal as this is completely unreasonable! Being guilty of a criminal offe
  2. There was something about this on Radio4 yesterday (some sort of money program on about lunchtime). I think they had someone from the Financial Ombudsman saying that for credit cards your liability for a fraudulent transaction is a maximum of £50 and that if banks are holding customers liable then they should file a complaint with the FO.
  3. You should be aware that Ryanair charge an administration fee for refunding taxes and charges. I've never had the pleasure but I understand that the admin charge is not specified.
  4. I've done this and it is very simple. Collect all the invoices together, write a letter explaining that you are required to have these tools to do your job and the IR will make a decision. If they decide to refund you the tax bear in mind that you only get the applicable tax rate back, 22% of the invoice total for example. They may refuse to refund the tax if they feel that the item you are claiming for can be used for other purposes. What you are have at the moment is known as a Fixed Rate Expense Allowance, if you make your own claim you will loose this allowance for the tax years yo
  5. Tell him to up his rate I do IT work for a couple of clients part-time and one of them was charged £50 per hour recently!
  6. Technically it isn't being charged retrospectively, an airline becomes liable for air passenger duty when it carries you not when you purchase a ticket.
  7. Assuming that the deduction is not specifically provided for in leglislation to make the deduction from the wages the OPs agreed contract of employment must include a term that allows for deductions to be made for passing on the cost of fines and they must agree in writing to the deduction prior to it being made. If the OP did not agree and wants to do something about it they will have to take out a grievance against their employer.
  8. What makes excess baggage charges illegal in the UK?
  9. Depends on your terms and conditions of carriage, quite a few airlines have clauses that allow them to pass on the cost of any increase in government taxes to you following your purchase. It may seem unfair but the present government wants to hurt the ordinary person in the pocket to punish them for flying so much (whilst spending the additional revenue on increases in pensions for MPs). The actual mechanics of charging the increase are slightly dubious as it appears some are charging the card number they have on file (having given notice of doing so).
  10. I've had trouble with the Lloyds on this. I was adamantly told by "Joanne" in Bridgend Call Centre that it was up to the collector to make the reversal, called back a while later and the next person put me straight through to the payments section who couldn't wait to reverse it! Make sure whatever payment Egg are due is paid or you may have issues with late payments etc.
  11. Other than a point of principle over charging your card without authorisation I can't see what you hope to get out of this. You did agree to pay any increase in the Air Passenger Duty when you booked your ticket so you have accepted that there maybe additional risks associated with booking your ticket. You acknowledge that if you do have the payment reversed then you will have to pay it prior to flying anyway, so what is the point of getting the transaction reversed? You also say that you are prepared to pay £20 for airfares and loose it by not turning up for a flight yet you are contemplat
  12. Why not call your bank and ask them to reverse it as it was unauthorised?
  13. Your bank (assuming it is not Egg) should reverse the direct debit for you under the DD Guarantee. Call them or go into the branch and tell them that the amount was taken was not agreed (Egg should have given you 10 days notice of the amount to be taken) and tell them to reverse the transaction as Egg will not do it. If they refuse then you will have to compain to the head office I guess. You stand to gain nothing by default from this other than a refund of the monies taken. You could ask Egg for compensation, they may or may not give it to you. If you want an award of damages from a
  14. I thought that they could make a citizens arrest and use reasonable force to restrain you, but they can only do this without fear of prosecution if they know that you are committing a criminal offence. If they do not "know" then the arrest is unlawful and so is the force being used, if they use excessive force then they are still liable for a charge of assault even if the arrest was lawful.
  15. I think the policy is clear - you have a total baggage allowance of 20KG and you are allowed 1 bag, any additional bag will cost you £5. That means you could have 20x1KG bags or 1x20KG bag and be within your allowance. They told you that you are liable for excess baggage charges when you booked your ticket, you agreed to their terms and conditions of carriage. That you were not charged for excess baggage on the way out is irrelevant as I imagine they have proviso that allows them to enforce a clause in the contract at their discretion.
  16. You've done something wrong. When you enter the passenger names after selecting your flights you need to choose "0/Priority Check in" against each name if you don't want a hold bag and then click Remove to avoid paing a £4.00 per sector priority check in fee.
  17. Tell the store manager you will be making a complaint to the police involving the phrase false imprisonment. Last person I saw drag a suspected shoplifter back to the store was lucky to only loose her job and get a caution.
  18. Is this Dingles of Exeter? If so then it is good to see that the intellect of the security staff has improved since I worked there. That member of staff has acted in contravention of the store policy when I employed by HOF - a member of staff must see a shoplifter take the goods and leave the store. A member of the public (which is what a store security guard is) cannot make a citizens arrest on suspicion of an illegal act, they have to know it was commited (I'm sure someone can explain that in more legal terms).
  19. I pay £11.00 per month on a water meter and I am in credit, I have no idea what I would pay on rates but I do live in a 3 bedroom house so I guess it would be more. Being single with no kids is probably the best way to reduce your water bill
  20. Simple answer, don't book with firms that advertise their prices in this manner. BA for example advertise the full basic fare you can pay inclusive of taxes, charges, supplements etc, Ryanair don't because they believe the consumer should be made aware exactly how much everyone else makes from aviation. These headline fares/prices are designed to draw people into shops, it would be a bit like Comet advertising a TV for £3.99 but then adding in the cost of transport, stocking, providing a shop, paying the staff, adding VAT etc at the point of sale. Not sure there is anything you can clai
  21. If the contract included a free phone would that constitute something that the phone company could include in an early termination charge?
  22. I believe that if you used this for an action against the park then they would have to justify how they arrived at their charge.
  23. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 15 Implied term about consideration 1.Where, under a contract for the supply of a service, the consideration for the service is not determined by the contract, left to be determined in a manner agreed by the contract or determined by the course of dealing between the parties, there is an implied term that the party contracting with the supplier will pay a reasonable charge. 2. What is a reasonable charge is a question of fact.
  24. Would Section 15 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act not cover this situation?
  25. If you are not paying the charges what are you going to take them to court for?
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