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  1. I work for an airline, you think you have a hard time at security you want to see what we have to deal with on a daily basis 8)
  2. http://www.dti.gov.uk/consumers/fact-sheets/page38245_print.html
  3. I think there shold be a 14 day cooling off period if your timeshare is within the EU. Having had the misfortune to work for a call centre where everyone had won a holiday I can tell you that no-one ever has. These companies work by getting 100 people in to a room, giving each one some photocopies from old phone books and a script. The callers then work through their photocopied phonebooks from the top to the bottom and the script is quite simple "Hello is that Mrs Jones? Mrs Jones I'm pleased to tell you that you have been selected in our prize draw and your are eligible for a fr
  4. I've had this happen before and it occurs because companies request direct debits 10 days before the due date, at this time you would have had an outstanding balance so the computer would have fired off a DD request. They don't appear to have a checking mechanism to ensure that if funds are received prior to the payment date the DD is amended, I'm inclined to believe that is their problem. Bear in mind that Virgin Money are no other than our old friends MBNA, you can try another phone call and explain what has happened and ask them nicely if they will refund the money (you might get a mo
  5. Rosie, the OP is querying the admin fee on a refund for the tax element of the ticket rather than the fare itself. The airline only pays tax on passengers who actually fly so isn't discussion of the resale of tickets or the loss of profit irrelevant as they won't actually have to pay the tax for this passenger?
  6. I got a chargeback on an Amazon marketplace transaction that I never received, I think it was about 4 or 5 months after the original charge. AMEX refunded me immediately after I told them that it had never arrived and I had exhausted the Amazon Marketplace procedures.
  7. Offences Against The Parent Act 1992 (amended) Section 5, para b It is probably worth noting that Schedule 2 includes video recordings and at least one case has been brought where recording over The Life Of Brian with 3 epsidodes of Bodger and Badger was found to be a crime worthy of the death penalty.
  8. Both these statements are untrue, the employee is entitled to written T&Cs after 2 months employment, the employer is under no obligation to provide them automatically. You can be sacked on the spot at any time if your employer decides to do so, you will have an excellent case for unfair dismissal if you have not breached your T&Cs or the employer has not followed a fair grievance procedure, but you will still be unemployed. But at the moment bank holidays are considered to be paid leave and there are 8 permanent bank holidays in the UK therefore 3 weeks annual leave is about right
  9. I'm not made any comment about being nice to anyone, I simply don't see how your call acheived anything other than your own gratification. However, since you are obviously at the vanguard of the assault on parking company call centre supervisors and believe that your actions are worthy of plaudit, well done.
  10. When I was a student I did work in a call centre, I didn't do it to clear debts, I wasn't forced and I enjoyed it (mainly because I was dealing with very content repeat customers) - better luck next time
  11. Not that it changes your problem but the Air France website does clearly tell you that the flights you have booked are non-refundable, following selecting your flights a summary page is displayed and next to the price is a link to click titled pricing conditions. If you click on it you it explains that the fares are either changable or non-changable or refundable or non-refundable. There have been similar instances to yours on these forums, from memory I don't think anyone has received a full refund for a cancelled fare, as I understand it your problem is prooving that they have resold
  12. Well done, you've taken your knowledge of the law and used it to make a low-paid call centre worker who has no discretion or knowledge of the law look stupid, very clever
  13. As you are changing the month of your flight are you sure that the amount you are be asked to pay is not down to an increase in the fare for September?
  14. I believe this to be incorrect, a company does not break the law by not giving its' employees a contract and a contract can be verbal, they must provide written terms of employment if asked for them though.
  15. You do have a choice, the law in this country (paraphrased) says that if you own television set then you must pay for a TV licence, I know it is Hobsen's choice but thats the simple fact. I bought a TV therefore I must own a TV licence in the same way that having bought a car I must have a road fund licence the proceeds of which may not go towards paying for the roads! People have been complaining about the TV licence as long as I can remember but rather unsurprisingly no-one has ever got anywhere. The BBC is a publicly funded service provider which is funded through the TV licencing sche
  16. I pay Sky £53 per month and watch a fraction of the programming available, £131.50 per year to watch the 2 analogue and goodness knows how many freeview BBC TV stations and to be able to listen to the radio stations seems reasonable to me. Actually just watching Hammond and May launch a Robin Reliant into the skies above Northumberland was worth the 131 quid
  17. Nick Ferrari is doing a bit about this today on LBC - LBC Radio
  18. Thanks for that tip, I'll make sure I am doubly careful if I see or hear an Asian or an Eastern European behind me at the CHIPnPIN machine
  19. I don't know if that information came from the AUC website as the BBC claim but it is wrong. For a delay of 4:45 you are entitled to meals and refreshments relative to the period you are delayed and 2 free telephone calls/faxes/telexs/emails, if you were forced to spend an extra night then the airline should provide hotel accomodation and transport to/from that hotel and the airport. The compensation mentioned on the BBC site is only payable in the event of cancellation or denied boarding. I'm sure someone knowledgeable will be able to tell you who you should complain to about the whole
  20. Well in that case you should contact them and inform them you only have had one job for the last 8 years and the tax coding was incorrectly applied. You should get a refund of your missing personal allowance for the past 8 years if you have only had the one job for that time. I don't know whether getting your tax coding changed will cause them to investigate your tax evasion but you can never be sure when that will raise its head again anyway.
  21. If you think you have been paying over the odds on your tax for 8 years you should write to the Inland Revenue and tell them how much you think you should have paid. They will then do an assessment and refund any overpaid tax, I've done this several times when I wasn't working full time. I don't know why you think you should get your tax coding changed. Using a rough calculation based on next years personal allowance I think you should be paying about 350 per month in income tax.
  22. If you listen to the program the chap said that negligence in handling your PIN in the opinion of the FO is would involve writing your PIN number on the card itself, anything else and they believe the bank should pay out (according to this interviewee).
  23. I should have read further up before commenting, sorry.
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