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  1. Well... .I've just received a letter from CEL stating they are withdrawing their claim against me.. .apparently due to my evidence they don't wish to pursue... ... Strange as I've submitted nothing since the skeleton defence! X
  2. I've sent nothing to the court, I just thought I had to do a defence bundle and pitch up .... Is this something ill find on pranksters website? I'm becoming muddled!
  3. just a quick one...... Did you challenge under 31.14, 31.15 and 31.16?
  4. I just need to be clear, The letter I got from them was with their defence statement as this was meant to go to court next week, but I got an adjournment. It outlines the costs above , but if I pay within 7days, I just have to pay the £165. Is this an abuse of the system, them trying to persuade me to pay the lesser cost?? Also, I am more than Slightly concerned that CEL have paid their £25 fee, but with many others that haven't paid...... why are they pursuing mine???
  5. well they seemed to have charged for the initial claim 165, plus 140 for legal cost (witness statement, general handling and the hearing fee), plus 190 for (which they said was mentioned in the cost schedule ???) presentation, attendance and travel. Total of 495
  6. They've paid and sent their defence bundle, Which I received to today..... and charging me for all the extra like legal fees..... is that right, can they do that?
  7. The other company is Debt recovery plus ltd......... and they assigned debt to DEAL. Thanks
  8. Also, when you say other bunch of bandits, can you be specific, because I did receive a number of letters from 'different' companies.
  9. Thanks for the reply. My case has already entered the small claims track and allocated a court, how do I get round 31.14 as I understand this can no longer apply? Thanks
  10. This was Sept 2012. And sadly not a member of the coop..... is it too late to be one for it to make a difference? I already tried approaching coop as they've written so many off, but they offered a small sum.
  11. [ATTACH=CONFIG]53623[/ATTACH] I can't seem to save as a pdf, but this opens a larger picture.
  12. my initial defence: 1. The Defendant denies any liability whatsoever to the Claimant. 2. The Claimant alleges in the Particulars of Claim (Para 3) that the signs that were displayed in the car park constituted an offer to drivers that the Defendant accepted. The Defendant denies that she accepted any contract with the Claimant. 3. The Claimant has stated in the Particulars of Claim that there were many clear and visible signs. The Defendant denies that signs were clear and visible. The Defendant asserts that were no signs at the entrance to the car park. Th
  13. Can I post that on here or pm it?? I worry as I read many threads that people are taking wads of evidence with them.
  14. Definitely the claimform. I'm a bit further down the line. Have down AOS, sent off the initial defence, had a date for court but had to get an adjournment due to illness. Now I need the big defence.
  15. Hi, Ive got a case similar to the thread relating to' Civil Enforcement LTD now have court docs'. I'm was wondering if anyone would be able to help me through the process. I'm trying to get through pranksters guide etc. I'm wondering how I go about getting the info about who is the landowner etc?? Thanks
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