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  1. Hi all,Just to keep you all updated! On Saturday I received a letter from Natwest stating they have investigated my complaint and are upholding it and the correct default date will be reported to the credit reference agencies! I logged onto Creditexpert that morning and yay it has already gone! To top that off they sent me a cheque for £250 too! I cant think you all enough for you advice and i will ensure i make a donation! Once again thank you so much and here is too keeping my nose clean and getting a mortgage. xxx
  2. Hi again So.... nothing came from the complaints department due to their records showing the accounts being closed. With a bee in my bonnet I went onto the Natwest website and sent off an electronic complaint - 1 about the original problem with regards to the default date and secondly about the SAR not being fulfilled. After a couple of weeks I received another parcel from Natwest via courier followed that afternoon by a letter in my normal mail. The parcel contained all of the original statements which i had not received from my current account and the letter was an apology for not completing the SAR correctly and enclosed was a £50 cheque. The plot thickens further though - after receiving my new parcel with all up to date information it transpires that the £1500 credit in question was actually credited to my current account!! Once again no statements covering this period for the loan as the loan was classed as closed and therefore statements were not generated. I am still waiting to hear back from the open complaint regarding the default date but if it doesnt fall in my favour i guess i will need to start again with the new evidence i have. Has anybody every heard of this happening before?
  3. Good Afternoon, So after much too-ing and fro-ing with relevant departments within natwest the short of it is that nobody can provide me with statements for the loan dated after 2010. I have spoken directly to the guy who signed off my SAR request and he has told me that he has ordered the statements 3 times and they don't cover the dates i require. I have just spoken with him again today and asked about Diary of Events and he has categorically stated to me that everything the bank holds I have received!!! I am at a total loss now - i am guessing my next step is to contact the financial ombudsman? Any advice as to whether to contact them would be great & also how is best to contact them. I really do appreciate everybody's advice so far, without you guys i would be going round in circles. Note to point regarding the complaints made i received a letter today stating they couldn't help me as the loan account its closed, they have then asked ME for a copy of the statement showing the problem!! Argh!!!!
  4. Also i am unsure whether this is relevant or not but there is not anything within my SAR about a default on my account, oh and thinking about it there is nothing relating my to bank account with them either?!?! I have a feeling that i might not have received everything?
  5. Hi... me again i received my little parcel from Natwest today - late i know but i guess they did have to confirm who i as due to address move etc. i stopped paying the loan in Aug 09 and come Apr 11 a £1500 credit had appeared on the loan (this was pulled from my balance history on my credit report) this led to Natwest putting my default date as Apr 11. the last loan statement i received in my parcel today is dated Apr 10! Brilliant so i am still no further forward as to where this credit has appeared from?!?! I called the number on my SAR letter and the gentleman i spoke to stated that he had ordered the statements twice but they never arrived so he sent out what he had?? I thought the whole point of this was for them to send me everything they hold? I asked him who can give me information on the loan for the year of 2011 a nd all he said was he doesnt know and he would re order the statements again and send them out to me - expect them after 15 days. i called natwest general enquiries today who has passed this onto the relevant loans department and also a complaints department as apparently they can dig a bit deeper.... All in all I feel disappointed as i really thought when the parcel arrived it would give me some answers. i have discovered though that i did have 2 lots of PPI one for approx £2500 and one for approx £5500, i am guessing that a refund from that would have amounted to more than £1500 so i dont think it is a PPI refund (although i am sure you guys will be able to answer that one better than me!) thanks so much for reading and any further advice would be gratefully received
  6. I have already marked the 40 day point on the calendar - fingers crossed they get it to me long before then..... i will keep you all updated as i am sure i will need more advice when i have the paperwork to hand
  7. Just a little update.....The SAR was signed for on Monday.... I am slightly nervous & excited for the reponse I am going to receive!
  8. Perfect that will be off in the post tomorrow. £10, postal order will be included although they didn't mention payment.
  9. So I have spoken to Natwest & they have closed the accounts so cannot discuss them with me over the phone. They told me to write a letter with all known account numbers, asking for all details on the accounts to be sent. The address is NatWest loans info department 6th floor 1 hardman building Manchester M3 3aq My next question is do I do this or send the sar? Thanks
  10. I really cant thank you enough for the speedy response you are giving me So... to move forward.... Do I call them to ask about the payment? (And whether I had PPI on the account!) or Do I send a SAR? Also if I 'acknowledge' this debt at any time does my 6 year clock start over? Ref PPI - the original loan was for £28k so I would guess that the £1500 wouldnt have been a PPI refund? This is only a guess - I would have thought PPI would be a bit more than £1500.
  11. The DMP was with a company called Churchwood Finance - yes I was probably getting fleeced there too!!
  12. The exact figure is £1529. So thinking back - the default was issued in 2011. I definately did not receive any documents informing me of this. I had however like I previously mentioned moved house. I moved house in 2009 so had been there for 2 years by the time the default was issued - who is at fault? Me for not providing them with a correct address or them for not ensuring the default was (if at all) sent to the correct address? My credit report shows Jul 09 payment was up to 6 months late. How long can they wait before slapping a default on the account as they happened to wait 2 years, got a payment and the same month put the account into default? Ah man it is all so confusing!! Also I am unsure whether to contact them by telephone? What do people suggest? Obviously I dont want to open up a whole can of worms and end up with 'the heavies' knocking on my door demanding money there and then.
  13. I know why they have different dates due to this rogue payment of £1500! If somebody chose to pay this off my loan i wish they had just given me the cash Would a SAR request show all payments off of the loan? Im sorry I am totally out of my depth here but feel as though I need to fight it as I know it is incorrect.
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