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  1. Thank you for your reply, I honestly didn't know, I thought it would automatically end.
  2. Sorted, emailed my MP, I now have appoint .
  3. Hi hope someone can help. Sent my ESA renewal form in for April 6, 2017. in August received a letter confirming a f2f , but no date. I have phoned and been told I could be waiting for a year, for an appointment is this correct. Kind regards
  4. Morning all - went to my Dr on Wednesday- re: my MH issues (paranoia ) he has suggested I have a course of hypnotherapy - i've not decided yet - may be its better than taking all these anti-depressant pills - any one had this type of therapy - your views would be most welcome - thank you .
  5. I have a tv licence so I know its not that.... yes your right.
  6. Thank you. Yes - sorry you are correct. Hi everyone - just been to my corner shop - while walking up a guy sat in a car (i notice everything) I came out of shop - he's only sat on the other side of the road looking at me!!!!!!! So! i've had enough of this - walked over to him to ask why - and he drove off - Im going to contact DWP tomorrow and ask am I under investigation !!!!!!!! I've got nothing to hide - but this is clearly harassment - see what they tell me.... This is clearly not covert surveillance - its overt !!!!!!!!!!!! What I do know - its not the TV licence inspector !!! ha....
  7. Yes your supposed to - they send it off to tv licensing department - actually when I bought mine a few years ago I took my tv licence with me -
  8. Ha ha! That's made me laugh - thank you I will have a look..... I wouldn't have thought - thought the TV Licence spies were out of business - you have to sign a form when you purchase a TV. Thank you.
  9. Thank you so much for your support - yes I have to make notes I forget - I get so confused - hidden illness is awful - so till Wednesday - Dr will probably incarcerate me - Black and White vans - ha!
  10. Thank you so much - yes I suffer really bad with MH issues - and its very hard for me to explain to any one how I feel - I don't want to be judged - your reply has helped me - thank you I'm seeing my Dr on Wednesday - yes your right " pixels on a screen " but it has helped me -
  11. PARANOIA! Yes I worry about everything - and I also don't like people staring at me through my window I live on my own and have felt worried - that's why I put on here - just to tell some one really - yes i'm sad Thank you....
  12. Good afternoon - update - the white van has been parked outside my house - the guy got out and went in the back for 15 mins - got back in the front wrote on a clip board and drove off- what the ech is going on - i'm going daft - ha!
  13. Thanks for the advice - I'm waiting now - but it never happens at weekend - so till tomorrow -
  14. Yes I will - thank you for your reply
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