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  1. balance clear ,default removed ,long haul but default free ,just in time for remortgage
  2. ltsb default removed ,account maintenance charges were from 2008 ,default was lodge nov 2011,complained jan 2012 no success,tried again feb 2013 6 weeks later confirmation letter in the post default to be removed and balance wiped clean
  3. Good news call from ltsb today finally they have looked at my complaint properly and although all charges are fair ,they are writing off the balance and REMOVING THE DEFAULT ,over 2 years since i first complained but dont give up keep trying
  4. Mine were all account maintenance charges ,i tried for a temp £150 overdraft which was declined,5 years later aftr defaulting me they feel sorry for my financial situation and are crediting me for £450,but letter stated this would be done within 2-3 days ,over 1 month has passed and no credit
  5. i am fighting ltsb for overdraft/account maintenace charges ,so far they have offered me £450 credit on original £840 ,still no sign of credit on account,supposed to get it within 2-3 days nearly four weeks and nothing !. the default was added 15 months after i entered dmp with them ,i am disputing this as i thought ico guidelines were 3 months afteraccount is not being used correctly,as i believe i shoud have been defaulted in march 2009,it was defaulted nov 2011.All of the charges were account maintenance charges ,can they default these?
  6. i am also fighting ltsb for overdraft/account maintenace charges ,so far they have offered me £450 credit on original £840 ,still no sign of credit on account,supposed to get it within 2-3 days,Are yo saying you cannot be defaulted for an overdraft ?
  7. how did you get on ,i am trying to get a default removed with £800 account maintenance charges,they have refunded me £450 of charges but unwilling to address the default,i am trying to get removal due to time limit ,it was defaulted nearly 2 years after going into dmp
  8. i sent a letter threatening to take them to court,they sent a letter saying a response would be issued before 28 days which they sent offering £6663 ,i phoned twice and got £800 account maintenance added then phoned again and asked for £600 interest ,they gave me £300 so i accepted ,i did it in one claim,i have emptied the bankl and closed the account
  9. sorry it took three months,no help from these forums ,they tell you to search threads ,basic advice ,dont harrass the bank ,let them get a chance to make you an offer,AND CLAIM ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE CHARGES
  10. it should not get to court read my other threads ,claimed £6667 ,received £7800 ,did not even send lba
  11. claimed £6667 ,settlement after adding interest & account maintenance charges £7800,do it yourself
  12. i claimed £6667 from bos ,they offered full settlement i after i sent 2 letters and phoned twice,i called them twice and got a further £800 for account maintenance and £300 interest,no letter threatening to close account
  13. i spent weeks looking on these sites but no one gave mne real info just follow others ,i was taking bos for £6667,i received all letters from a friend he said look on this forum due to the amount,i could not gey anyone to help so i did it myself ,after 3 months they offered full settlement ,i them phoned and said this is full & final but i still had £800 account maintenance charges,then he offered £7500 ,30 minutes later i phoned back saying no interest given and bluffed that i had spoken to my solicitor ,he would look into it ,asked for a further £600 ,he then returned my call and offered £7800 to which i duly accepted,so after their full and final settlement i phoned twice and received £1100+ more.this is real advice ,let the banks take theit time dont harrass them ,then you will be treated fairly ,at the end of the day i had managed my account badly and after 5 years got £7800 ,now i will never get another bank charge
  14. i claimed £704 from ltsb in scotland ,nobody on these forums give you direct help ,my friend had given me the letters to send as he claimed himself ,2 letters from ltsb saying no refund final offer ,i was going to fill in court forms ,then 3 weeks ago they put 750 in my account ,i still have not had any letters from them
  15. i am in the same boat due to festive hols i decided to give them until their date of 30th jan ,i phoned midweek and was told they were looking at my account ,they toook my mobile number but still no call my claim is for £6663 so i cant week to go to court as in my area there is a journalist looking foer bank charge stories
  16. i am waiting on a response from bos ,i am giving them until next wed,then i will see exactly which way to go ,i have now found out i can add the £800 in account maintenance charges for going overdrawn,so my total will be around £8500
  17. anyone had to take the ltsb to the small claims in scotland ,i need help
  18. lucky fella ,i am tried unsuccesfully tried to claim £743 from ltsb ,their was no offers and that their charges are fair ,i am now having to go to small claims
  19. why is there not a guidline on how to claim succesfully in court ??????why do we have to trawl through pages of threads ,at the end of the day all banks have commited the same offence ,so why not have our defence laid out in these forums ,make it easier for us to claim succesfully instead of guidlines of `check the scottish threads `WE ALL WANT OUR MONEY BANK SO THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN SUCCESFUL SHOULD POST THEIR DEFENCE THAT WAS SUCCESFUL IN COURT,AM I WRONG IN WANTING THE EASIEST AND MOST SIMPLE WAY TO GET MY MONEY BACK??
  20. i am not waiting ,as told on these forums they have to respond to the 14 day limit ,if i dont receive a full refund i will go through an ordinary action (scottish)i am not afraid ,yes an ordinary action will involve a solicitor but will the bank defend,NO ,IF THEY DO I CAN ALWAYS SELL MY STORY IF DEFEATED
  21. does anyone have guidlines of what i use for my defence ,how do i defend myself ,how do i justify that the charges are unfair
  22. I Sent Off My Lba Yesterday Only To Get A Final Letter From Ltsb Stating They Will Reimburse Me Nothing As Their Charges Are Fair.i Phoned My Local Court And I Am Going In Tomorrow To Get My Small Claims Form ,my Claim Is £745 Incl Interest ,i Have Been Going Around In Circles Today On These Forums Trying To Get The Best Info For My Application,any Help Would Be Appreciated.i Cannot Believe Ltsb ,they Are Obviously Not Even Interested In Giving Offers Now They Are Obviously Trying To Put People Off ,well For £35 For Small Claims I Am Not Giving In .i Called Ltsb Today And The Guy Told Me To Take My Claim To Court As They Will Not Respond To My Lba
  23. i have had the same slow response from bos ,i was told 2nd of jan now a further 40 days ,just sent the lba yesterday ,dont wait do it they are stalling ,lloyds tsb are doing the same ,i have sent both lba letters yesterday,response already in post today from ltsb ,they will give me nothing ,called them and that is their last contact ,going to raise small claims tomorrow
  24. i have just had a letter from lloyds stating they are not willing to reimburse any of their FAIR CHARGES,i telephoned as i had just sent the lba yesterday ,the guy told me to go straight to court as it was their final response ,no offers nothing,my claim is for £745.27 incl interest ,i live and am claiming in scotland ,i can raise the action at my local court ,any help would be great.
  25. i am very confident and i am going to do an ordinary action for the full amount in scotland ,worst scenario if they defeat me i go to the press
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