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  1. Unfortunately, I've just finished paying them off...
  2. Hi and thanks for the link. I've emailed Wonga and am awaiting a response. I doubt I'll get anything but having entered a debt management plan and letting my payday loan situation spiral out of control I thought as though I might as well try...
  3. Hi, A few years ago I regrettably took out a payday loan with Wonga. Unable to repay the full amount (after interest had been added) I ended up taking a loan out with Quickquid. Things spiralled out of control until I literally had around 6-7 payday loans on the go at once. It got so bad that I had to join a debt management company (Fresh Start). Now I'm reading that companies are having to pay customers back who have a loan currently with them. What about customers who took loans out with these companies when their affordability checks would have still been in disrepute? I find it extremely unfair that I've had to find a way to pay these companies back and struggle for years, when really I shouldn't have been allowed to take these loans out, to then have it highlighted in the news that companies are paying people back! Do I stand any chance in being paid compensation or do I just have to suck it up and move on? Kind regards
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