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  1. hi had disciplinary lasted 10 minutes but been told got wait for another letter for another disciplinary with my line manager now but reason for this my duty manager said they are changing misconduct to capability now so have to wait again just want over with
  2. got it next week but letter did say the comment i previously posted about warning upheld i just worried if im sacked i know cant claim jsa due to sanctions but have a house to run (housing benefit etc ) and 2 adults kids with one who autistic and one in college to help support
  3. what does it mean you have a final written warning that this allegation if upheld could result in dismisal obviously i know what dismissal means but confused on the if upheld means
  4. OK Ty all i got told was wait for a letter to attend a disciplinary and im still waiting for this letter
  5. how long does it take to receive the disciplinary meeting letter
  6. we have to right down temperatures of batches that come out oven i took temps like suppose to but wrote down all but one of them after got distracted by a customer i did do the temps just forgot write one down
  7. no this a new displinary as i never got dismissed but got formal written warning i still have to care for my disabled son and my daughter watches him why i work but i made a mistake again to do with health and safety now am worried will this be automatic dismissal and why have i not been suspended
  8. hi i made a small mistake at work and now have been called to displinary as something i did i forgot to record on paper i have not been suspended i been told to work as normal and wait for diplinary date letter now i already have a final written warning on my file which would be taking off in 4 weeks what do you think outcome will be and when will i hear when date of displinary is last time i had displinary i got suspended this time been asked to work im so lost i been at wrk 2 yrs now
  9. hes on the daily care one standard rate
  10. hi hoping someone can help me i would like to know what im entitled to... . i got high chance being dismissed for gross misconduct from work from mistake i did on time keeping ,,, an item on counters .. . i want to know what i can claim my dr advised me to go on anti depressants so got see him monday my work does not know im under dr for possible depression . ... i also have to care for disabled adult son at home i know about jsa . ..and the sanctions but how do i care for my son . ..if dont have money to pay bills for house for him and rent he is on receipt of esa and high pip
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