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  1. Firstly, CitizenB I appreciate your help and time, so a thousand thanks! Yes this was a MCOL. I have defended because of time. Yes I agree he is taking a chance, but really he is being malicious, I work and live most of my time in Germany, visiting my UK address infrequently the claimant knows this and to my surprise I found a claim from in the post this thursday and I luckily only had until monday to reply so I have defended the claim i wish I had more time so I could have used advice from this site. I did address the points in his particulars and added additional point li
  2. Hi, I was wondering if someone can help. I have spent some time on the site gathering information but I am now lost with the problem I have. I have been issued with a Claim Form for the amount of £1270.00. I have already responded to the claim form and after reading on this site I understand that the claimant is not following the process correctly. In brief the claimant is saying that I did not return a laptop that I purchased from him via ebay he asked for the item to be returned and I did, he claims that I had the parcel re directed to my addre
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