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  1. ahh worst fears realized i have received a court summons, what do I do? I am going insane I dont know what to do please help me
  2. hi guys just another question do i have to write the apology letter separately or do i write it on the form tfl sent to me as to explain my side of the story and again thank you so very much for your helo
  3. alright buddy im gonna trust you on this and go for it, just a quick question and if i receive a criminal record, how long does it stay before its gone from my name im over 18, this is a minor crime right? will it haunt me for the rest of my life? i have done many google searches but im still confused. thank you for all your help
  4. you lucky son of a gun read my thread, i think you might have gotten off with it.
  5. thanks for the support man, but i have read threads on harsh they are, first timers get done in hard too , after they send the letter asking about your side of the story do they send anymore or is it a summons letter straight after that.
  6. im over 18, i know the person who lives there, i am not registered on that address at all but im worried because of my name and date of birth, yeah i made a visit today and there was a letter there asking for my side of the story, i could just RTS it back, i told the ticket dude i moved houses thats why im not registered there, so lets use the word hypothetical and say if i were to just to ignore it would they be able to trace me? my realistic out come would be to turn my back on this and never repeat this mistake again i just dont want a criminal record its gonna haunt me for the rest of my life, if were to plead guilty and apologize with all my heart the chances of me getting a criminal record is a 100% judging by 327 forum posts i have read over the past day or so, what would you advise me to do? i know im being an ass at this point for wanting the best of both worlds, i would pay the fine but the criminal record is just so damn harsh it ruins my chance of getting into a good career tbh i didnt even know it was such a big crime i feel so irritated at myself, my mind is breaking down and i havent been able to eat im worried sick, but please help me to the best of your ability. thank you
  7. hey guys, this is my first forum post, i found a freedom pass on the ground and used it on the bus turns out inspectors got on the bus and yeah karma, guys i am shaken to the ground I dont know what to do i gave the guy my real name and dob but a different address, what should i do, I am shaking as i type this. please help me
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