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  1. Just been informed I was taken of the land registry in June 2011 the land registry in Birkenhead informed me
  2. Quick update . I have just called the original mortgage company and they have confirmed my name is still on the deeds to the mortgage . Below is the scanned copies i recieved from the courts in 2009 .
  3. she told me this herself she also told me her solicitor told her to get intouch with land registry to get my name taken of deeds iv got a copy on computer of court order if thats any help
  4. iv actually got a copy of court papers i rang court for a copy of them . do you want me to post them
  5. 17 quid for deeds will order them thanks if im still on deeds and bare in mind judges ruling without my attendance would you know my next move iv been informed that i could force her to sell due to no siblings living there plus she never paid me any settlement
  6. land registry can i check on line is there a fee and if i am still on deeds what would be my next move thanks
  7. ok m8 thanks for that as u can guess im rather upset by this my ex-wife has underhandedly been awarded our property unknown to myself im wondering if there is anything i can do legally to get what is rightfully mine my share of property and contents thanks
  8. hi were do i begin i walked out of the family home after 15yrs with my ex-wife due to her drinking problems my kids were at the age were they realised if i stayed it got worse i left in 2006 my eldest lad was 14yrs at time my daughter 12yrs when your own children suggest i move out for a better life i realised i had to go for their sake after a month of leavin i got a rented property at 550 quid a month within another month my ex-wife threw my daughter at me in a sweet shop said she didnt want her with her and shes my problem now, from that day on my daughter has been with me ever since i got help from her school because the ex-wife wouldnt give me any of her school clothing or toys etc etc well during the marriage i got a deposit together of 1500 pounds so i could purchase a mortgage to buy the council property we were livin in at the time we got a mortgage but i put it in joint names - well we were married in hindsight and all that the mortgage was for only 25,500 over 25yrs well the problem im havin is i got told by my ex-wife that since we broke she got legal advice went to court unknown to myself and got the house put into her name she said the courts sent me out court dates to my address but they didnt ive since found out all court correspondence was goin to a taxi office i lease a radio from i dont live there i never even go there to pay my lease on radio i dont even work there but i believe she has been givin the house by a judge due to myself not attending court dates how could i if i didnt know i was due in court iv since found out the judge only gave her the house because she told judge both children were in her care iv also found out that part of her getting the property she had to pay myself a token payment of 10,000 then the property will become hers well as you can guess no payment at all from her ive had court baliff at door for csa payment for my son oh yes she knew my address then thing is quiet funny really the csa tried to explain to my ex-wife if she went ahead with her claim that she will have to pay for our daughter but my daughter is 2yrs younger than my son and she will be paying me for a longer period the question i have - if anyone can help me and my new family is where do i stand legally on the property have i lost it (we initially had agreement that if she wanted to stay in property she paid mortgage due to the high rent i had to pay to keep roof over mine and daughters head ) ive had no token payment from her at all the mortgage will soon be paid up and can she take my name off deeds to property without my signature . ..all help gratefully received thanks
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