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  1. Hi Neil Thank you very much for advise I said current supplier I would pay actual bill till my new supplier hold on But I think they want estimated bill to pay that is too much I have the only way to take them in court
  2. Hi I think there is no point to talk with them One side they talk with you and other side they play games Last 4 weeks I am trying to solve this issue but still on same step Government should take some strict action against bes
  3. Hi I sent my tenancy agreement to you people a week ago That is mean the previous owner has gone I am the new owner of that premises
  4. Hello Why bes sending bill on previous owner name Tenancy has changed since September Don't send anymore bill
  5. I spoke to mr Adam customer service manager And I sent my tenancy agreement to him I said him I signd my electricity contract with npower I am still waiting for your reply
  6. Hello You are welcome I sent my agreement paper to you sir I hope it will resolved now thanx for help
  7. Hello sir /madam I already talk on this number a rude lady talked to me And she said send us tenancy agreement paper I don't know why should I send you my agreement paper to you .where is the way to solve this issue My email address removed Mobile no. removed
  8. Hello I don't have any contract with this company Previous owner closed his business due to this bes utilities I am the new tenant of that shop and bes utilities still hold on but I contract signed with npower if the bes try make any problem than I will shut down my shop shutter and I will take u people in court you will pay each every thing I am sorry if said rudely but this is the truth wichi said
  9. This bes electricity make people spoil I opend a new small business and unfortunately they Are the current supplier in that premises I am trying to go with any other well known company like British gas or npower but they not let me go with them Even I don't have any contract with this company I think I should take some hard step against bes
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