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  1. The Student Loans Company have placed a default on my credit file. I received a notice of intention to default and as my debt wasn't statute barred I decided I would pay it off (which I want to anyway). I forgot to get a deferrment when it was last due, hence the arrears. However, I set up a payment plan and was told this would keep my account out of default. Seems not. Not only that but lower amounts than I pay are recorded, and the default starts on the date of the first payment in this plan. I also earn way under the payment threshold but was told I could only defer for 5 years...is this true? Anything I can do to get this removed?
  2. Cool, I think so too. I take we put the CCA request to Morgan Stanley?
  3. Hello folks. Three years ago, DH won a claim against Morgan Stanley for unlawful charges. All was fine, and we were paying off the remainder of the balance by Direct Debit. One day, the payment appeared on our statement as Goldfish (it somehow skipped their minds to write to inform us they had bought out Morgan Stanley credit cards) and then after a couple of payments, the direct debit stopped. We had no statements at all from Goldfish, and phonecalls to Goldfish to ask what the problem was came to a dead end. We dutifully sent cheques for the payments and they were not cashed. No contact whatsoever from Goldfish. Then they were taken over by Barclaycard and the debt was passed to a DCA who began their usual harrassment. So there are a couple of things here. We're making monthly payments to the DCA but I'd like to see if the debt is actually enforceable since all communication from these companies to us had stopped (and also reclaim any PPI). Any advice? Paula
  4. Halifax have offered me a part claim but I will be pursuing in full....that is, when the money fraudulently taken from my account from the b**t*rd who cloned my account details has been returned....until that's done, sadly, my claim is on hold.
  5. Yes, 11 October, as I stated in my letter, was the deadline.
  6. No they haven't. I sent this letter: I refer to your letter dated 27 September 2006. Thank you for the part payments refunded to my account so far, but as this figure is considerably different to mine, I will not be advising the court that this matter is settled until I am satisfied that I have got back all the unlawful charges. I will also be expecting the return of any further charges and interest that may have been taken from my account since the start of this claim, plus the daily interest rate. I would also draw your attention to a further charge of £20 plus £3.78 interest that I was charged before I made my claim which wasn’t added in to this, purely because you have stopped my ability to access my account details, so I was unaware the charge had been taken. I look forward to receiving the full amount still outstanding plus any amounts mentioned above, by 11 October 2006, otherwise I will have no choice but to continue with the claim and file for judgement. Please could you send me a full breakdown of the charges that you have refunded, so that I may check these with my own figures. I attach again the schedule of charges which I have taken from my statements. I also emailed it to them, without the schedule, and Sarah Watson only responded to the email (she sent a letter which referred to it). I've since emailed Charles Bacon again, attaching the above letter and the schedule of charges and I've heard nothing.
  7. I appreciate that they did that for you. However, it's not the case here. They've paid up part of the claim two weeks after I got my notice that they intended to defend. They then wrote to me stating that they disagreed with my figures, even though I've sent them my schedule of charges, and that they have paid what they worked out to be the correct figure, taking into account any refunds I may have had. Well, I haven't had any, and my figures were taken from my statement. I can't find anything in the FAQ that tells me what I should do next, I'm still £150 short on my claim.
  8. MCOL has also changed status to "Defence."
  9. I already have...see 12 October post....which is why I need to know what to do next?
  10. We are satisfied we have paid your claim in its entirety, taking into account any charges which may have been refunded to your account. They have never refunded any charges. Not once. I have my statements as proof.
  11. Can anyone tell me what happens now? They've disputed that they owe me the whole claim, so what do I do? They've paid up some, but I want the rest of my cash.
  12. I've done the same, and written a letter, emailed again attaching the letter, and still heard nothing.
  13. I got a very snotty letter from Sarah Watson about my claim, the onus is on me to provide a schedule of charges blah blah. Um....I did. Give me the rest of my money back.
  14. Go into the library I think, you should find the spreadsheet in there along with templates for all the letters that need to be sent.
  15. Well it looks like Nationwide disagree with my figures and aren't intending to pay me the last of my claim. Guess I'll have to accept the part payment and continue with the court action against them.
  16. More cash in my account today, still about £150 short. What do I do when it's all gone in, do I need to inform Moneyclaim?
  17. No more cash yet, but their admission of guilt in the form of my court fee is still cause for celebration.
  18. I've just won my Nationwide claim, so hurry it along Halifax, I'm getting the taste for this.
  19. I've just checked and some of the money has gone into my account. It looks like it's the court fee and the daily interest. Hopefully the rest will be in there over the next couple of days.
  20. I've just been to the cashpoint machine, and some of the money has gone in. I imagine the rest will be the next couple of days. YAY!
  21. Hi Jacqui Congrats! What time was your money paid in?
  22. Have to say, I'm starting to lose hope of ever seeing this money...
  23. Sent off my SAR today. I don't think I'll have a huge amount of charges with the Halifax, but it's still my money.....
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