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  1. With reference to CDF I can hereby inform you ( as this has just happened to me and I took the Trade4Skills plumbing Course back 6 years ago now here comes the interesting part )1 week before the 6 year dead line before the debt can be eradicated due to the time scale, I received a letter from County Courts Northampton to say that Cabot Financial was applying for a CCJ on behalf of Career Development Finance, this didn't help me as I had just moved house when this came about, needless to say that when I checked my credit report with Noodles.co.uk there was indeed a default from Cabot Financial quoting my IP********* (account number issued by CDF) and now it also has a CCJ followed by same number, and there is nothing I can do about, the best bit is I never even got as far as starting the first module in the plumbing course, I went to Chessington for the interview at Trade4Skills and got no further than that yet I got stung for £3630, so the story is you wont see anything there for another 3 years yet then it will just appear
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