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  1. I will put this to them. Thanks Andy, DX100uk and others for your assistance with this matter so far. Gerrard04
  2. Thanks Andy But to confirm, if I they accept the offer to set it aside based on my offer of 50% it would remove it from my file. And as it becomes satisfied, it will remain off??
  3. Thanks for the advice Andy. So to confirm, I put this in writing to them? Is there any do's and don'ts in doing this? By getting it set-aside this removes the CCJ from my history?? Gerrard04
  4. Okay, that is good news. In regards to the T & C's I take it this is the original lenders T&Cs? What are your thoughts on the 50% offer? Is this something I should look into - I guess this will be offered to me again in the long run, so would like to continue and hopefully contest it. Thanks Andy, Gerrard04
  5. Afternoon Andy, I don't have the original breakdown to hand. However, if my memory serves me. Debt= £8245.00 Solicitor Fees= £410.00 Costs= £540.00?? Attachment Issue Fee= £110.00 Amount now due= £9,363.04 On their annual statement, they have the opening balance at £8245, plus fees of £410 and £110. The rest of the statement is made up of Cost increase and interest, but they still arrive at the same amount due figure of £9,363.04 I can confirm the breakdown later when I get home. Many thanks
  6. Apologies for not responding sooner. The total amount claimed was the outstanding balance (which they brought), In this balance, was charges and interest to date. Additionally, there was solicitors fees and court costs, I hope this is an answer to what you asked (Ford). An, update on the situation is that I advised the solicitors that I want to challenge this and have asked for some time, I will then liaise with the courts as advised DX100uk. In the mean time I have had an offer from the 1st credit offering me a 50% reduction on what I owe. Is this usual practice? Many thanks
  7. in order to set up a payment plan do I call them and tell them how much I can afford or do I need to present them with my incomings/outgoings and they determine this? What would you recommend is a suitable payment plan - sorry if I am asking you to hand feed me this information. Also can they still continue to apply interest? I think they put PPI on originally without my request and they refunded some monies? How do I determine if the charges are unlawful or not. An additional question, if they lent me this money when they should not have. I was not in a suitable position to repay this, not employed etc could this be seen as unreasonable lending? Thanks again
  8. So what do I do with these, is there anything I should be looking out for? I also have copies of the agreement I believe, although these look reconstituted.
  9. Afternoon Dx100uk Sorry if I am being dumb, but what do you mean by statements? Is this the monthly statements of the loan? I am pretty sure I carried out a data access request two years ago, so in theory I should have everything.
  10. Well I suppose that is some consolation ha ha. Do they need to be registered though and can I pull them up on their practice and lack of Data protection? And do you have any suggestions on the situation in terms of defending the situation or if not, what is the best way forward? thanks
  11. Thanks Martin. I don't know if I could successfully defend it? Is there anything you can see from my post which I may be able use? what is common practice? Thanks
  12. Thanks Dx100uk, apologies for starting a new thread. I am pretty sure it is a HCEO, the letter was from HM Courts and Tribunal Services, letter was a template letter with the details hand written. The Bailiff was from the Court. The credit agency is 1st credit (Finance Ltd). I hope that I have answered your question. thanks
  13. Hi all, I hope I have posted this in the right place and I apologise if I have gone a bit war and peace here, but I wanted to try and give a bit of back ground on my situation. As it stands the debt is a CCJ, I did post previously, but I had missed the time frame to challenge/defend it as I was away at the time. A few years ago (2010) I had a change of circumstances, job, living arrangements, etc and so up a few debts. In order to consolidate these I took out a loan with Lloyds Tsb for £10,000. At the time I had just started a new job and was classed as self-employed. My new job was commission only and with some slow months sales wise and the time taken to get payment on completed deals I soon started struggling with payments, and got into a vicious circle with Lloyds, if I missed a payment they would charge me, then a few days later take it from my current account (held with them) taking me over my planned overdraft, hitting me with further charges, interest, etc. I advised I was experiencing financial difficulties but it took a few months before they suspended forcing money from my CA and charges. Jump to the present day and admittedly a few years of burying my head, debt being sold to 1stcredit, I came back to a letter from Northampton county court, but unfortunately, the time frame had passed for a defence/response and a CCJ had been filed. I was so annoyed with the CCJ letter (not making an excuse) I didn’t read it properly or respond with a breakdown of my income etc and have since received a letter from the courts asking for a breakdown of my income, a visit from a HCEO (Bailiff). I was hoping for some advice on how to take this forward. I have spoken to a lady at the courts who says I should take it back to court if I am not happy with it and to contact the CAB and also the claimants Solicitor. My main questions are; Is it worth me trying to take it back to court, was it irresponsible lending? Bad practice with the circle of charges and interest? If not, what is the best advise to arranging to pay this back. My finances are still recovering and I am now looking to try and sort out my credit history Can 1st Credit still keep applying charges/interest? What are the chances of getting the outstanding total reduced? Can I find out how much they paid for my account? A separate issue, the HCEO in charge of my account, turned up at my house without prior warning (I live with parents) and posted an unenveloped letter through the door, it was picked up and read by my mom, so maybe a breach of data protection. Also, I have checked the bailiffs register and he is not on there? I understand it is minor but it really annoyed me and caused a bit of grief with my parents – they shouldnt be allowed to do this. Is there anything else I need to know, routes of getting it sorted etc. Many thanks in advance, I am not trying to excuse my handling of the problem so far but would like to get it addressed and move forward. Thanks
  14. Thank you Andy and DX for your assistance with this matter. It bugs that the reason for failing to provide an acknowledgement of service was because I was away on holiday, however, life will go on. Thanks again
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