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  1. Yes i agree but i also feel so strongly about the bank and the way they lent this money to him that i am going to make a formal complaint, whether or not the German ombudsman feels that we have a case or not i still want to complain. I will advise that he goes for bankruptcy but i am going to ask for the debts to be wiped first on the basis of my complaint, or at least investigated first.
  2. There is no way i can just ignore this its way 2 stressful and probably not going to help me because i know it will come bk and bite us in the arse - how cd he visit Germany if he needed to in future he may get arrested ? There are way 2 many issues around ignoring?
  3. Hi thank you for your comments - my partner telephoned the bank a few weeks ago to ask for the loan to be extended due to the stress....does this void the non acknowledgement side? Are u suggesting we simply ignore all letters? What if they send bailiffs round to my house? How can we live or move forward by just ignoring this? My point was that they lent him 50k in 7 months knowing he was working part time and a single parent... Is this normal?!?! Have they not broken affordability and irresponsible lending rules?
  4. Ok thank you again for all your advice - really really helpful
  5. Ok - can you only earn a certain amount after bankrupcy or can u continue earning the same amount regardless of bankrupcy ? This is a complete mindfield sorry for all the questions
  6. Ok he doesn't work in any of the industries you mention - do u have to declare bankruptcy to an employer if its not written in any of the employment contracts ?
  7. Hi again just to update you - i have gone thru everything with him - there does not seem to be any hidden info from him - I'm guessing at this point i will go ahead with making a formal complaint to the German ombudsman, i don't think at this point we have anything to lose since he is in such a crisis regarding the re payments - i do have a question, tried to look everywhere for the answer but not satisfied- can you help? My partner is working as mentioned previously, if he declares bankruptcy eventually will he have to give up his job ? Ive looked through his employment contract and it doesn't state anywhere that should ur financial situation change etc you have to inform them however would they find out if he eventually decided to opt for bankruptcy?
  8. Oops sorry realised i just repeated myself with the phone call thing
  9. I just asked him - he said the bank filled out the forms and he just signed it then the contract was sent to him via head office ! This sounds more and more like grooming a vulnerable person to me added to this he said they called him numerous times asking him if he wanted more loans when he already had loans with them worth 31k this is outrageous behaviour !
  10. Morning thank you for all your comments - i had a discussion last night - the more i dig the more it seems the German bank who gave him 3 loans (in the space of 6 months) have clearly broken some kind of "irresponsible lending" policy - my partner was bringing home 1600 euros a month at the time and they gave him 3 x loans within 6 months ( one loan 13k) surely this has to be investigated? I have done some research, he has only defaulted on 4 payements since taking out the loans but as a result has suffered from acute mental health issues due to the stress. I think i am going to ask the German banking ombudsman to investigate this case. The lender knew he was in financial difficulty at the time, and knew he was vulnerable, they did not check his affordability of the lending at any point and even cold called him on many occasions to offer more loans... Surely we have a case here to at least be investigated? What are your thoughts?
  11. I will find out the history tonight and write again tomorrow with answers hopefully you will be around. Thankyou so very much for all your advice you have no idea how much i appreciate it
  12. He has no assets no property in Germany or uk just living in my rented accom with me in uk
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