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  1. Thanks for the quick responce. there is a signature on the application form, but it is not dated PDF files attached. This is with NCO europe, but the paperwork came from AMEX. I guess after 6 years they still haven't defaulted it.
  2. Hi Guys After reading lots of useful info on here I have decided to get on top of my debts. Been paying Payplan since 2007. but have decided to take control. I have decided to CCA all my creditors. I have just received this from AMEX. I don't think it complies. However Amex say "these documents for the executed agreement between you and American Express". I'm not so sure? My ultimate aim is to offer one F&F offer to all creditor, If I can prove they haven't got a hope of getting judgement, the offer will be lower. One final point I now live in France and they know t
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